Pune's juvenile girl was convinced she wanted to be a suicide bomber for the ISIS

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Pune, Dec 18: The Pune girl who was questioned for allegedly attempting to join the ISIS has told the police that she dreamt of being a suicide bomber.

The police and the intelligence bureau officials who have questioned her say that she could just be making tall claims and even if she is serious, it just shows the extent of brainwashing that has taken place online.


The girl who is 16 years old is currently part of a deradicalisation programme in which police officials and elders from the Muslim community are involved.

The question of pressing charges also does not arise for two reasons- one she had not committed any offence and second she is a minor.

In the cases relating to the ISIS or foreign terror groups, the Home Ministry has made it clear that depending on the gravity of the situation the case has to be handled and in cases where deradicalisation is possible, it should be first attempted.

Curiosity and then the plunge:

It was her curiosity that first led her to being attracted to the ISIS. She watched a couple of videos relating to the ISIS and this is when her behaviour began to change, officials claim.

A girl who would always be dressed in jeans had started wearing a burqa which had left her own parents taken aback.

The parents who found her behaviour to be suspicious however did not think that she had plans of joining the ISIS.

During her conversation with one of the recruiters of the ISIS, she was told that she could enrol in a college in Syria and then join the outfit. This is what she was planning on telling her parents that she wished to go to Syria and pursue her studies.

However her activities were watched for the past month and when the Intelligence Bureau realised that the matter was getting out of hand, they intimated the police and later took her in for questioning.

The police and the IB say that the extent of radicalisation that has taken place is worrisome. She appears to be completely misguided or brainwashed and had the radar not been on her, she would have surely joined the outfit.

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