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Mann Ki Baat: Modi hails 'Atmanirbhar Bharat', says demand of ‘Make in India’ products increasing


New Delhi, Dec 27: In the last episode of his 'Mann ki Baat' address of 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the nation developed 'Aatmanirbharta' during the coronavirus crisis.

Mann Ki Baat

During his 'Mann Ki Baat' monthly radio programme, the Prime Minister said supply chains got disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic all across the world, but we learnt new lessons from each crisis. 'The nation also developed new capabilities. We can call this capability 'Aatmanirbharata' or self-reliance,' he added.

He also said Janata Curfew became an inspiration for the whole world and many people showed their solidarity by showing respect to our corona warriors.

PM Modi said people have supported 'Vocal for Local' and urged manufacturers and industry leaders to make wolrd class products.

The Prime Minister appealed to people to find out Indian alternatives of imported items of daily use and asked them to resolve to use products produced by Indians.

PM Modi said customers are demanding 'Made In India' toys. "This is a big change in the thought process. This is a living example of a major transformation in people's attitude and that too within a period of one year. It's not easy to gauge this transformation," he added.

The Prime Minister said no challenge is too big for India's youth and nothing is beyond their reach.

He further said that people reverently remember the supreme sacrifice of the family of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. "This martyrdom gave a new lesson to the entire humanity & the entire country. This martyrdom did a great work of protecting our civilization. We are indebted to this martyrdom," he added.

Here are the Highlights:

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11:43 AM, 27 Dec
This year, the discussions around COVID took precedence but the work towards a Swachh Bharat also went on with full vigour.
11:43 AM, 27 Dec
Let us not forget: Keep our beaches clean. Keep our hills clean. Say no to Single Use Plastic.
11:43 AM, 27 Dec
From Gurugram to Karnataka, there are people whose passion towards a cleaner environment is outstanding. Their efforts are both innovating and inspiring.
11:43 AM, 27 Dec
We remember the noble teachings in the sacred Gita. One of the things the sacred Gita teaches us- to keep learning. Meet someone who is living these teachings, at the age of 92!
11:43 AM, 27 Dec
The next time you want to buy Kesar, do try the Kesar from Kashmir!
11:43 AM, 27 Dec
PM highlights a remarkable effort in Karnataka in which a team of youngsters worked towards restoring a Temple to its original glory.
11:43 AM, 27 Dec
India's youth is blessed with 'Can Do spirit' and 'Will Do approach.'
11:19 AM, 27 Dec
India is full of remarkable people who have shown great compassion toward animals
11:19 AM, 27 Dec
Central Indian states, led by Madhya Pradesh have done well in preserving habitats for leopards. Over the last few years, the Lion and Tiger population have also risen.
11:19 AM, 27 Dec
Good news on the wildlife front! The leopard population of India is rising.
11:19 AM, 27 Dec
We pay tributes to the brave Chaar Sahibzaade, we remember Mata Gujri, we recall the greatness of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. We remain indebted to these greats for their sacrifices and their spirit of compassion.
11:18 AM, 27 Dec
The people of India have taken many steps forward and are getting vocal for local. Our manufacturers are also thinking about making top quality products. This will boost the efforts towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat.
11:18 AM, 27 Dec
About a week ago, it was the Martyrdom Day of Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur ji too
11:17 AM, 27 Dec
In order to protect our millennia old culture, civilization and traditions from the cruel misdemeanors of tyrants & tormentors many a supreme sacrifice was made…….It is a day to remember them to
11:17 AM, 27 Dec
Friends, we have to cherish this sentiment…preserve it and keep nurturing it as well.
11:17 AM, 27 Dec
But along with that Venkat ji has written that while we are supporting a self reliant India, there should be a clear message for our manufacturers that they should not compromise on the quality of the products
11:10 AM, 27 Dec
Friends, but along with that Venkat ji has written that while we are supporting a self reliant India, there should be a clear message for our manufacturers that they should not compromise on the quality of the products.
11:09 AM, 27 Dec
Friends, what Venkat Murli Prasad from Vishakhapatnam has written to me also contain an idea of an entirely different kind. Venkat ji has written that he is attaching for me his ABC for 2021
11:09 AM, 27 Dec
Giving an impetus to Make in India
11:08 AM, 27 Dec
Friends, the experience that Abhinav Banerjee from Delhi has written to me is very interesting too
11:07 AM, 27 Dec
Friends,I have witnessed an extraordinary ripple of hope in the country
11:05 AM, 27 Dec
We saw the spirit of Aatmanirbhar Bharat in 2020
11:05 AM, 27 Dec
People have paid tributes to the spirit of 130 crore Indians.
11:05 AM, 27 Dec
People have been sharing how the year went.
11:04 AM, 27 Dec
Friends, numerous letters written by you are there in front of me. The suggestions you sent on Mygov too are there. Many have expressed themselves over the phone. Most of the messages comprise experiences of the year gone by and resolutions for 2021.
11:02 AM, 27 Dec
PM Modi addresses nation

In a tweet on Saturday, the prime minister said Akashvani will broadcast the programme in regional languages immediately after the Hindi broadcast on All India Radio, DD and Narendra Modi mobile app.

Earlier on Friday, Prime Minister had sought people's views on the year 2020, seen as one of the most disruptive in recent history due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and also what they looked forward to in the next year, ahead of his 'Mann ki Baat' broadcast on December 27.

PM Modi to inaugurate India's first-ever driverless train on Delhi Metro on Monday

Modi tweeted, "How would you sum up the year gone by? What do you look forward to the most in 2021? Share this, and more in the final #MannKiBaat of 2020 on 27th December. Write on MyGov, NaMo App or record your message on 1800-11-7800."

In his monthly radio address, the prime minister touches on a variety of issues and also, at times, shares views of people.

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