Pak is forgetting India will talk on its own terms: Former R&AW chief

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Bengaluru, Aug 5: In the past two days there has been a lot of talk about the visit made by Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh to Pakistan where he attended the SAARC ministerial conference. There is a lot of tension in the air and Pakistan even decided to black out his speech made at the conference.

To analyse these issues, OneIndia caught up with former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing, CD Sahay. The former R&AW chief says that Pakistan is only trying to send a clear message to us that if we fail to talk to them, then they will take Jammu and Kashmir to the 1990s.

India will talk on its own terms to Pak

"What Pakistan is forgetting is that India will talk on its own terms. Pakistan today is like a stuck record on the issue and says that they will talk only if we speak about Kashmir. However, that cannot be the case, we will talk if they speak about the terrorism that they sponsor," Sahay says.

It was going well with Pakistan

Sahay also points out that the entire world acknowledges that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made all efforts to bring Pakistan to the talking table. It was all going quite well until the Pathankot attack happened and Pakistan derailed the entire process.

India wants issues such as terrorism to be discussed, but Pakistan is stuck on Kashmir. "If Kashmir is a core issue for Pakistan, then terrorism is a core issue for us. Pakistan, if it wants to talk to India, must create those conditions and ensure that it stops launching terrorists on to our soil," Sahay also says.

"Pakistan seems to be making a foolish case by saying that India staged the Pathankot attack. Do they think anyone will believe them? They are just creating an environment of tension and have ended up derailing the process. It is absolutely childish approach on their part," Sahay also added.

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