Ordinance clears way for Jallikattu but protesters sceptical

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Chennai, Jan 22: The fight for Jallikattu resulted in a sweet victory for the people of Tamil Nadu with an ordinance being passed on Saturday allowing the sport to take place. However, this is not the end, say the protesters putting across fresh demands to the government. Unhappy with the secrecy around the ordinance, protesters want to know the contents of the ordinance.

Ordinance clears way for Jallikattu but protesters sceptical

Not just those gathered at Chennai's Marina Beach but the thousands protesting at various districts in Tamil Nadu continue to be sceptical about the ordinance. "Why isn't the government making the ordinance public? We want to know what the contents in it are. What are the terms and conditions under which Jallikattu is being allowed? How can the people blindly trust a government that practically didn't do anything before this movement forced them to?"asked a protester at Marina Beach.

Bull owners as well as villagers in and around Madurai where the Chief Minister announced he would inaugurate the event, are unwilling to give up the protest. They demand amendment to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. They are clear about one thing, they do not want to break the law. Many are unwilling to allow Jallikattu to take place as a mark of their protest. While the Tamil Nadu government declared that a bill to replace the ordinance on Jallikattu will be tabled on the first day of the first assembly session of this year, this assurance is clearly not convincing the protesters to withdraw their agitation.

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