Modi diverts attention to villagers, launches 'Rurban Mission'

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Chhattisgarh, Feb 22: PM Narendra Modi has coined a new term for the villages of India, as he vouches for their development keeping the soul alive. Launching the 'Rurban Mission', Modi said that 300 villages will be taken under the coveted project, and will be developed at par with Urban India.

He also added that the project is an antidote for the problem of overcrowding cities. He said if villages had similar infrastructure like that of a city, there will be no migration taking place to the cities.

Narendra Modi

The mission will enhance lifestyle and employment in villages itself.

Modi said,"Aaatma hogi gaon ki, aur suvidha hogi shahar ki....There was no planning earlier on how to deal with increased migration to cities. Jhuggi-jhopdis kept increasing without any thought on how they will live, how the city will grow."

He further added,"(But) can we leave them to their fate? No. This will help alleviate that problem. Now doctors, teaches, engineers will want to go to a village once it is developed under the ‘Rurban' scheme, and this will not only develop that village, but others in that area as well. This government is for the poor, Dalits, tribals, oppressed and deprived sections of the society. It is for the person standing in the last row."

Development will be done in clusters with modern facilities, which will encompass economy, healthcare and education, power, sanitation etc.

Modi, meanwhile, has declared two blocks of Chhattisgarh as "open defecation-free" zone and lauded a 104-year old woman for selling her cattle to build toilets in the area. He said,"I tell the media, it is fine if you don't show my speeches but you should tell the nation about people like Ma Kunwar Bai".

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