MH370: Are 'mangosteens' reason behind the tragedy?

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Kuala Lumpur, April 3: The probe in the MH 370 tragedy has now narrowed down to mangosteens in the cargo at the back of plane. Police officials investigating the tragedy are now speculating that the food may have been poisoned.

In fact, they are probing every piece of cargo that was loaded in the Boeing 777, including tonnes of mangosteens, which is a tropical Asian fruit with a leathery shell, surrounding fragrant white flesh.

Malaysian top cop-Khalid Abu Bakar-said that even the plane's food caterers were being scrutinised to get any kind of possible leads in the mystery. "For example when we knew there was a load of mangosteens on board we had to find out where the mangosteens came from. We tracked down who plucked the fruits, who packed them and shipped them out, who put them on the plane."

Khalid further added that investigators in China tracked down who was buying the fruits and at what price. "Imagine how many people we must interview and that was just the mangosteens," he said.

However, inside sources say that a consignment of lithium-ion batteries could also be the reason behind the crash as they are known to have led to fire on aircrafts. However, the Malaysian Airlines interrupted saying that the batteries were not dangerous if they were packed as per international standards.

Cops are also investigating lithium-ion batteries onboard.

Amid criticism, China's ambassador in Kuala Lumpur Huang Huikang has defended the investigations conducted by Malaysia, refusing to agree to any cover-ups."There were weaknesses in the co-ordination between different departments and contradictory statements were given," Mr Huang said. "They need to be improved in future efforts. But in the face of such a rare and immense disaster, no one can perform perfectly."

He, however, targeted the Western Media, saying that they have played a disgraceful role in "provoking the frail spirits of the next of kin of the passengers" by spreading fake news and spreading rumours.

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