Mehr's emails to Shashi: Friendship mistaken for affair?

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Mehr's emails to Shashi: Friendship mistaken for affair?
New Delhi, Jan 18: Mehr Tarar and Shashi tharoor shared nothing more than a very genuine friendship? The mails exchanged by the duo tell so.

(Mail courtesy: India Today)

From: Mehr Tarar
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2013 09:36:15 +0500
To: Shashi Tharoor

And I'm very sorry about what is happening in your life. I know how much this marriage means to you. I know how much your wife means to you. I think you accidentally wrote on a different thread when I asked you to say something about my Friday article (in which I quoted you.. thank you for reading and liking). I am mortified. I joked about it last night because I was too shocked to say anything. We have met twice. We have become very good friends. I feel very happy, and to tell you the truth kinda honoured to be your friend. As I have said on twitter and in my articles, I am a huge fan of your books and your political views. Even other than that, talking to you about my life has given me a new outlook on certain things. Your innate decency and moral compass has made me rethink a few things. Thank you Shashi...for being in my life, long distance dost sahi. Some things are hard for people to fathom, and come to terms teaches us to be one-dimensional and suspicious of all we can't see. Sometimes, the communication gap between people becomes so huge - for one reason or the other - that each word is doubted, each truth becomes shallow. But in the end only truth works. So be are wonderful. InshAllah things will work out between the two of you.
About me being the reason you have problems with your wife...main kya kahun. I don't even want to think what it would do to my very young kid. So I guess I was right all my life. Friendship between a man and a woman will always be labelled incorrectly. And even the woman who's the love of your life will doubt your word against very circumstantial evidence.
You are in my prayers, Shashi. May there be peace in your life and marriage.
Deeply sorry....

This is the reply that Tharoor sent to Tarar's mail:

From: Shashi Tharoor
Date: Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 2:27 PM
Subject: Re:
To: Mehr Ttarar

Thank you for these very kind and thoughtful words, Mehr. I'm afraid it is sometimes difficult for people to believe that such friendships are possible or that intellectual companionship alone could have made us close friends in the very short time since we first met. I do love her deeply and it saddens me that she does not believe me.

In fact Sunanda has asked that we not be in touch any more. Getting her well and reducing stress on her is my major priority right now and I hope you will understand and forgive me if I stop our phone and email exchanges. To my mind you will always be a valued friend and I hope the day will come when all 3 of us can meet and put this misunderstanding behind us.


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