Media supporting terrorists happens only in India: Former R&AW official

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New Delhi, July 14: The killing of Burhan Wani, the commander of the terrorist group, Hizbul Mujahideen has led to widespread violence. Problems in Kashmir are bound to occur and simplistically speaking it was a historic blunder created post independence not to integrate the state fully like the other states.

Instead it was decided to refer the matter to the United Nations. It is a fact that historic blunders will be rectified only by history and not people.

Media supporting terrorist only in India

Problems in Kashmir will continue to occur. There is no immediate end to the problem in Kashmir and with a neighbour so belligerent and with militants thriving in Pakistan one really cannot expect much says, former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan.

In this interview with OneIndia, Bhushan says that it is a battle that we need to fight ourselves and not expect selfish nations such as the US which does not act against the likes of Hafiz Saeed because he does not hurt their interests to help us.

What are your thoughts on the Kashmir situation today?
I would actually first point to a lot of positive things. The border has been reinforced, infiltration is under control to a large extent and the forces are killing terrorists one by one. In Jammu the government is going for whole hog development and this can be a beacon in due course.

What about the killing of Burhan Wani?

He was a known militant. The problem was that he was ensuring more locals were taking to militancy. The militant issue is becoming more localised. Problems are bound to occur as Pakistan realises it is more difficult to operate in Kashmir when compared to before.

My take is one should not over react to these killings. I foresee similar such incidents in future as well. What we need to do is be more prepared and also tighten our screws along the border.

How does one deal with the violence?
When the local Kashmiri begins to suffer then the violence will end. First and foremost we need to protect our own establishments like the army camps, police stations etc. Let them pelt stones and destroy their own properties.

When they pelt stones and damage buildings where essential services are there, they will suffer first. If they continue to damage hospitals and schools then the locals will realise it and this will put and end to the violence.

What do you feel about police men too pelting stones at the protestors?
I do not agree with this. I feel that the forces should do what is done in Israel where they use numb bullets. These bullets are very effective in such a situation. Pelting stones at the protestors according to me is pathetic.

The government was upset with the coverage in some outlets on this issue. What is your take on it?
Supporting a terrorist by some media personnel. Well this happens only in India. The Information and Broadcasting should switch off the transponders for a couple of days if they feel that the media is making a hero out of a terrorist or backing a separatist. This ought teach them a lesson.

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