Let us have pizza- What were these spies of Pakistan talking about?

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New Delhi, Oct 31 Farhat Khan, assistant to Samajwadi Party leader, Munawwar Saleem was not new to the business of spying. It was his job for the past 20 years. His modus operandi was to find political leaders and work as their personal assistant. Investigations have shown that prior to being a personal assistant to Saleem, he had worked with four other leaders in the past.


Farhat would steal information and pass it on to ISI. He had stolen several documents relating to the Ministry for External Affairs and pass it on for a sum ranging between Rs 20,000 and Rs 1.5 lakh, investigations have shown. Investigations show that he was in close touch with staffers at the Pakistan High Commission.

Last week, the Delhi police detained a Pakistan High Commission staffer, Mehmood Akthar on charges of running a spying ring. This led to the arrest of four more persons associated with him including Farhat Khan. The others to be arrested were Subash Jahangir, Maulana Ramzan and Shoaib.

Let us have pizza:

Investigations revealed that the spies used code words to communicate. They would source documents and then share with each other before informing Akthar, the ring boss about the same. The meeting spot in Delhi would be at the Ansal Plaza. During the conversation they would tell each other, " let us have pizza." This meant let us meet at Ansal Plaza.

While a lot of details have emerged in the probe, the police are looking to investigate Farhat further. He was not just in touch with Akthar, but also with his predecessors for the past two decades. He would take up jobs with politicians so that he could get easy access to important papers from Parliament. He has worked with MPs and MLAs as their personal assistant in the past and sources important documents, investigations have also revealed.

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