BJP will not bog down on Land Bill: Know Modi govt's plan to defeat Congress in their own game

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New Delhi, April 21: In the wake of Opposition's attack which is trying its best to show BJP government in bad light on Land Bill, the Saffron party is planning to defang them. Reportedly, Government will cite some of the past statements made by formers Congress prime Ministers on the issue.

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To counterattack Rahul-led congress which is leaving no stone unturned to give out the impression that Modi government is 'anti-farmer', BJP is planning to defeat them in their own game.

Land row: Know about Modi govt's plan

Justifying its stand on Land Bill, government may cite quotes of former Prime Ministers Jawahar Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. According to a report in Economic Times, BJP will use Nehru's speech over Hirakud Dam rehabilitation issue to deflate Congress's propaganda. Read more: BJP 'exposes' Rahul Gandhi's propaganda on Land Acquisition Bill

Nehru, Indira's statement on the issue will be used as potent weapon

Sources say that BJP Ministers who are in charge of defending the Bill in the Parliament, have been categorically said to use statements of these Congress leaders to silence the Opposition. BJP Minister have been ordered to do home work about how they(Indira, Nehru) defended oustees of projects and big dams.

"If you have to suffer, you should do so in the interest of the country," Nehru had said while speaking on the occasion of stone-laying ceremony of the Hirakud Dam over the Mahanadi in 1948.

When prodded about the issue, one of the BJP minister said, "Nehru asked people to suffer for others, this is what he felt when it came to his favourite projects like big dams which he referred to as Temples of Modern India".

Reportedly, former Prime minister Indira Gandhi's stand on the issue is also being studied by BJP Ministers. Indira's letter in response to Baba Amte where latter had raised concern over rehabilitation of tribals ousted from yet another project is being taken into account.

"I am most unhappy that development projects displace tribal people from their habitat, especially as project authorities do not always take care to properly rehabilitate the affected population. But sometimes there is no alternative and we have to go ahead in the larger interest," Gandhi had defended her stand in the letter.

BJP stated facts to puncture Cong's claim

Earlier, on the social networking website Facebook, the BJP stated 15 facts, deflating Congress's propanganda on the issue. Some of them are

  • Shri Rahul Gandhi blames Gujarat model for land acquisition. Does he know SC and UPA lauded Gujarat for its land model?  
  • Rahul Gandhi should do his homework better. SC praised Gujarat Model of Land Acquisition.
  • Was Rahul Gandhi on a holiday when DIPP under UPA said Gujarat's Land acquisition Model is the best? Congress suffering selective memory loss.
  • Why did UPA drop 13 pro Farmer clauses? NDA included them in the land bill.
  • Congress is misguiding people on Consent Clause. Hear PM expose this malicious propaganda.

Suit-boot Vs suitcase Sarkar
On Monday, Rahul Gandhi who recently returned from 56-day sabbatical attacked the BJP Government and termed it 'suit boot ki Sarkar'.

The Amethi MP, who mocked the NDA government as an Achhe Din government, said it had failed the government. He said the previous UPA government headed by the Congress had provided better MSP to farmers.

In response to Rahul's jibe, BJP leader Ravishankar Prasad said that his government is better than 'suitcase Sarkar'.

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