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Key takeaways from the Assembly Election Results 2018


New Delhi, Dec 12: The Bharatiya Janata Party led by prime minister Narendra Modi has suffered a major setback just a few months ahead of general election, trailing the rival Congress Party in three key state polls.

The saffron party has been unseated in key states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. It had been in powwer in MP and Chhattisgarh for fifteen years and Rajasthan for five years.

Key takeaways from the Assembly Election Results 2018

Soon after the results were out Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that BJP accepts the people's mandate with humility. Now, let us take a look at the key takeways from the five-sate assembly elections.

First loss for Modi-Shah

This is the first loss for the Modi-Amit Shah duo, and what they learn from this loss will shape the BJP's future. Ever since his first election, Narendra Modi hasn't lost a single election.

3 Big states

All three are big, populous states that handed dozens of seats to the BJP as Modi swept to victory in the last general election in 2014. Nonetheless, they are still seen as the sort of heartlands Modi will need to hold onto if he is to win again next year. His party won 62 of the 65 parliamentary seats available in these three states in 2014.

Jolt for the BJP but not all good for the Congress

The resulsts have come as a majot setback for the BJP. But it is not all good news for Congress. Mizoram, the only Congress-controlled state in the northeast was lost. The state saw Congress's vote decimated by double-digit numbers of seats in favour of local parties.


In addition, the anti-incumbency against the BJP, a certain working cohesion and unity among various factions seems to have helped the Congress in the Assembly elections. That it did not have a chief ministerial candidate could, in fact, have worked to its advantage.

Indicates mood of farmers

Since the three heartland states have more rural than urban voters, the results will also indicate the mood of the farmers, social destitutes and those in the unorganised sector. The endless policies unleashed by the centre will be tested.

Boost for Rahul's image

As much as the results were a blow to the ruling party, they will provide a big boost to the image of both Congress and its leader Rahul Gandhi, who has come under particularly vicious attack from supporters of the present government.

Congress still needs to muster strong alliance

The results highlight how Congress still needs to muster a strong, diverse alliance of parties if they are to have any hope of challenging the might of the BJP next year.

Cow Slaughter

The losses will also be the voter's verdict against the political agenda which includes regressive elements like cow slaughter.

Campaign style

One big lesson for the BJP from the verdict could be on its campaign style.

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