Juvenile to serial offender: The journey of Lambu Sharma

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New Delhi, June 24: The story of Lambu Sharma, the man who fled from the Arrah Court in Bihar after stage managing a bomb blast is a classic example of how juveniles laws do not work on some.

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His story all tells another story and that is jails are anything but reformation units and he had learnt the art of preparing bombs while in prison.

The journey of Lambu Sharma

Lambu Sharma who had escaped from police custody while being produced before the Arrah court in Bihar in January 2015 was finally nabbed by the Delhi police.

It was the third time that Sharma was running away from prison and he started his stint into the world of crime as a juvenile, investigations have shown.

Into the world of crime at the age of 12:

Lambu Sharma is one of the most well known criminals in Bihar. He is a point man when it comes to various offences.

He would prepare bombs for the naxals or even for those wanting to wade away political rivals. He was also hit man for gangsters who would use him to undertake tasks of finishing of rivals in other states.

It was at the age of 12 that Sharma first entered into the world of crime. He was in love with a girl, but another man posed an obstacle. Sharma is alleged to have murdered that man and was sent to the Juvenile home for reformation. However the Juvenile home shared a common wall with the Arrah district prison.

He would very often walk into the jail housing the adult inmates and became friendly with several persons.

Learning bomb making:

Police records would show that Sharma had made friends with several inmates. After staying at juvenile home for around 12 months he managed to flee. He was nabbed and brought back to the juvenile home.

During his second stint he met with a person by the name Bharat Saxena a well known naxal leader. Saxena had access to material within the jail with the help of which he would prepare bombs. Saxena took a liking for him and taught him how to prepare bombs.

In the year 2009 he escaped from jail and killed one of the witnesses who was to testify against him in a murder case. He was being produced before the court when he managed to ensure that his accomplice hurled a bomb in the court premises as a result of which he managed to escape.

Arrest, escape, re-arrest:

Sharma was nabbed in the year 2010 and brought back to jail. He plotted for several years on how to escape. When he was out of jail he had made friends with a lady by the name Nagina. He had convinced her to trigger a blast in the court premises which would help him escape.

It was somewhere during the later half of 2014 that a gangster lodged in the same jail requested him to kill off a rival by the name Ansari in Uttar Pradesh. When Nagina had gone to jail to meet him, he had told her to procure material and hand it over to him which she did. He prepared a bomb and placed in a tiffin box and told her to trigger it off as he landed in court.

On January 23, when he was being produced before court, Nagina triggered the bomb off, but ended up losing her life. However as a result of confusion Sharma managed to escape only to be arrested in Delhi by the Special cell late last night.

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