JMB and SIMI planned on targeting Narendra Modi

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New Delhi, Dec 26: Did the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen help the SIMI carry out the Patna blasts in a bid to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Investigations suggest that the SIMI module based out of Nalanda, which has played host to several members of the JMB had worked in tandem to carry out both the Patna and Bodhgaya blasts.

It is a well known fact that the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh is a Bangladesh based outfit, which relies heavily on the SIMI network to carry out its operations in India. The SIMI announced its return by carrying out two attacks at Bodhgaya and Patna which was aimed at targeting Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.

Narendra Modi

Nalanda to Burdwan to Patna:

Nalanda in Bihar has become a focal point for the investigators. The National Investigating Agency which is probing the case says that they had found that some members of the JMB have been camping in Nalanda with the help of the SIMI.

Nalanda has been a SIMI hub for a long time and one of its key members Aftab Ansari had made it a base. Ansari was involved in an attack at the American Centre in Kolkata in 2002. The trail while investigating the Patna and the Bodhgaya blasts had led to Nalanda where it was found that several operatives had taken shelter.

What the investigators are trying to ascertain is that whether the SIMI and the JMB acted on a quid pro quo basis. The SIMI has used the JMB for arms and ammunition and in return provided them shelter and logistics.

Why would JMB want to target Modi?

Intelligence Bureau officials tell oneindia that targeting Modi was originally a plan of the SIMI. The SIMI and BJP hatred go back a long way after the outfit was banned when the BJP was in power. Targeting Modi would send a very strong signal and this is the main reason for the Patna attack.

The JMB on the other hand was sure that once the BJP comes to power it would share good relations with the Awami League and this would dampen their plans to overthrow Sheikh Hasina which has been their primary agenda.

The JMB supplying arms to the SIMI to carry out the Patna attack is not one bit surprising because both work in tandem and have very similar agendas. The JMB's fears of being busted came true as it was the BJP led government which ensured that this module in West Bengal was exposed. Their activities since 2009 went on unabated which was a clear indication that none were even looking that way.

All police stations in Nalanda on alert:

There is heavy surveillance in Nalanda following the alert. The alert sounded off suggests that SIMI members have been sheltering JMB cadres and if this goes unchecked then the modules will regroup in a big way.

Bihar has been witness to various activities in the recent past. Not just the SIMI, but even the Indian Mujahideen was given a breather thanks to the lackluster approach by the police especially in Darabhanga.

The Intelligence agencies have warned that if the police are not careful this time then this could snow ball into a major issue and now with the JMB also coming into the picture, the situation could only get worse if it is unchecked.

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