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It is the government that has to take a call on Ram Temple issue, says Kalraj Mishra


New Delhi, Nov 22: Former Union minister and senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Kalraj Mishra spoke to Oneindia on different issues prevailing in the country including the most vexed Ram Temple and Rafe fighter jet deal issues.

Former Union minister and senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Kalraj Mishra

Excerpts of the interview:

Q. Saints and Hindu religious leaders are agitated over the delay in the issue of Ram Temple. RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat too said that ordinance must be brought to make the way for the construction of Ram Temple. What do you have to say?

A. Besides saints and religious leaders, our commitment has always been that the matter should either be sorted out by decision of the court or by consensus or by making law in Parliament. We have been waiting all these years for the decision of the court. However, a court had already once ruled that sanctum sanctorum belonged to Lord Ram. So it is decided once but somehow the matter is again in the court. Day to day hearing was supposed to take place but that is not happening and the matter is delayed. So it it very natural that people are getting agitated still sages and saints and even RSS chief in conformity with the announcements made by us through our manifestos that constitutional provisions for the temple should be made. So Bhagwat ji said that the government must brought about ordinance on this issue or bill should be passed for the construction of Ram Temple. We always talked about court decisions, consensus among different parties and law from Parliament but when things are not moving at all then it has been said that unnecessary delay is not proper. Therefore the government should make law on Ram Temple and construction of Ram Temple should be started. But everything depends upon the government what decision it takes.

Q. The matter is pending in the court from past 50-60 years. How long the matter should remain pending as people don't want to give the government any more time. Will it become an issue in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections?

A. It was hoped that court ruling will come very soon but it is delayed. Therefore RSS chief, saints and sages asked the government to bring in ordinance and whenever Parliament is in session, the law should be passed. Now, the government has to take a call on it as it too is contemplating the issue but everything will depend on the government's decision.

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Q. You have been associated with the RSS, Jan Sangh and the BJP, do you feel that the RSS puts pressure on the BJP?

A. I worked with all these organisations but I never felt that there was any interference from the RSS. The RSS never forced the BJP to do something. RSS always gives its suggestion if its feels like. But if anything has to be done it is either the party or the government that makes planning and strategy.

Q. You have resigned from the Union government, how do you see yourself in the present scenario?

A. It was an unannounced message that people beyond 75 years of age must not remain in the government. It was in the newspaper and other media platforms and even my name was being taken and my name was being discussed in newspapers so I myself requested the Prime Minister that I also fall in the same category and if you are hesitating in taking decision, let me say I am ready to resign. I resigned from the ministry. I am healthy and working hard in my constituency.

Q. So you will contest 2019 Lok Sabha election?

A. See I can't say anything on this. Let the leadership take a call on it. It is incorrect to say anything on the issue which is under the purview of the party.

Q. Do you feel 2019 Lok Sabha election as a big challenge for the party?

A. Every election is a challenge and no battle should be fought considering easy even if you are very capable. The BJP takes every election like that only. There is faith and commitment of people in the government and the PM so we will get the majority in 2019 Lok Sabha elections as well.

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Q. But Modi magic seems to be fading due to anti-incumbency!

A. The personality of the PM is such that not only in India but also around the world there is his acceptance irrespective of the people's faith and beliefs. People think about him and compare him with others but in the eyes of people, no one is there in the country of his stature and caliber at the movement. So what I feel that the same kind environment will emerge as it was in 2014 under the leadership of the PM but even it could be better at some places.

Q. If Mahagathbandhan is formed in the country then...

A. Mahagathbandhan is not being formed to win elections but to save the very existence of these smaller organisations. They think that with the help of some kind of alliance, they might get some seats so they are entering into alliance. Alliance for making government is one thing but people know that they won't be able to withstand Modi magic so they are aligning to save their existence. People understand their motive, so why would they vote for them.

Q. What is the organizational structure and strength at the moment?

A. Our committee up to booth level is active and organization is strengthened so not only leadership of the PM and national president Amit Shah but our organization too is very strong.

Q. BJP lost Phoolpur, Gorakhpur and Kairana by-elections of Lok Sabha. What do you have to say?

A. By-elections must not be compared with the general elections. Many other factors work in by-elections as individual negativity too works a lot. This has been the case in all three seats and also in Noorpur so we lost in by-elections. People vote in general election for the central government but in by-election thought process is different as if one person doesn't reach Delhi it will not harm prospect of the government.

Q. Alliance of the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party may harm you in UP. How much loss do you anticipate?

A. They all are trying to save themselves how could they harm the BJP. People will answer them the way they were answered in 2017 Assembly elections. The Congress and SP fought together in 2017.

Q. The Modi government is in dock on the issue of Rafale deal, being a senior party leader what do you have to say?

A. Who is alleging? Such people are alleging who have always been involved in corruption, allegations are made by people who has been dealing for corruption. People involved in deals and corruption feels everyone involved in it. The agreement is done between the two governments and the entire procedure was followed then how can one accept corruption was done. There is no corruption in it and details have already been handed over to the Supreme Court.

Q. Elections processes are on in five state, what is the position of the BJP where it is seeking repeat mandate?

A. We are fighting elections to make government. I am hopeful that our governments will be formed in these states. There might be some anti-incumbency but I cannot give my assessment right away.

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