ISIS arrives in Bangladesh and India has plenty to worry about

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New Delhi, Nov 20: First a message in Bengali and now claiming responsibility for the attack on an Italian priest. If these developments are correctly analysed then it is time to worry as the ISIS has made its presence felt in neighbouring Bangladesh.

A hot bed for communal activities, large parts of Bangladesh battle what is called the call by some Islamic groups to set up the Islamic Caliphate.


The Ansarul Bangla Team and the al-Qaeda are partners in crime at Bangladesh and the ISIS realizing the potential of this nation does not want to be left far behind.

The Shaikh Hasina regime fights day in and day out to keep extremists away and if the ISIS has now entered the nation the government has another problem on hand.

India too would be worried about this development. If one looks at the pattern in which the al-Qaeda and the ABT have operated, they gain their strengths from West Bengal and Assam which have also become hotbeds of terror activities.

How substantial is the ISIS claim:

The ISIS is taking baby steps in Bangladesh. However, knowing how this outfit operates, it could well become a monster if not dealt with properly.

A couple of days back the ISIS had uploaded an audio clip in Bengali calling upon youth of both Bangladesh and India to join the Islamic caliphate.

Prior to this the ISIS also claimed responsibility for the murder of an Italian aid worker.

Now they have claimed credit for attacking an Italian priest. Security experts say that the primary agenda of the ISIS for the region is to set up a strong module in Afghanistan and outdo the Taliban.

The ISIS has gained most in strength in the Nagarhar area where it has managed to push the Taliban back.

In Bangladesh, the al-Qaeda which has teamed up with the ABT and has claimed responsibility for a series of killings.

The ABT and the AQ are spreading a reign of fear among the people by issuing fatwas in a bid to set up an Islamic Calipahate.

The ISIS sees an opportunity in Bangladesh and realizes that it could set up a module in order to achieve its dream of setting up a Caliphate.

The next question is whether the ISIS has really infiltrated into Bangladesh. The ISIS is not known to have any major ally in Bangladesh. Let us take a look at the ISIS' allies in this part of the world first.

In Pakistan, the ISIS has the support of the Tehrik-e-Taliban, Tehreek-e-Khilafat and the Ismamic Movement of Uzbekistan. In Afghanistan it garners support from the Heroes of Islam Brigade in Khorasan and the al-Tawheed Brigade in Khorasan.

In India the ISIS has the support of the Ansar-ul-Tawhid or the erstwhile Indian Mujahideen. These alliances clearly point towards the fact that the ISIS does not have any known allies in Bangladesh.

Teaming up with the ABT is out of the question as they owe allegiance to the al-Qaeda. While this is the situation as of now, in the world of terror loyalties do shift very quickly as we have seen in the past.

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