Ishrat files: How IB set a trap on the module that wanted to assassinate Modi

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With more people now speaking about the Ishrat Jahan encounter, it is becoming clear that the operation was a bonafide one. Moreover it has also been ascertained that Ishrat Jahan was used as a cover in this operation.

Going by former Home Secretary G K Pillai's remarks, it becomes clear that these terrorists were lured in by a mole in the Intelligence Bureau in a bid to track the operation that they were planning.

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How IB set a trap on Ishrat's module

It began in February 2004 when the Intelligence Bureau for the first time picked up information about two terrorists from Gujarat. These persons had trained in Pakistan and were planning a major operation in Gujarat.

Further the IB also found that these two persons were working for Muzzamil Bhat, a commander of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

The plot

As per the plot these persons after having trained in Pakistan were to carry out a series of assassinations in Gujarat, the IB intercept also suggested.

A mole in the IB began to track Zeeshan Zohar and Amjad Rana. According to Pillai there was an entrapment involved here. Some officers explain that Rana and Zohar may have been lured from Pakistan into Gujarat.

The IB also tracked down another operative called Javed Shaikh who had flown into Oman on a fake passport in which his name was Pranesh Pillai. He made this trip to Oman in March 2004 and returned to Mumbai a month later. He is said to have joined the rest of them in this operation.

Investigators have not yet joined the dots relating to Ishrat Jahan clearly. According to Pillai, she may have been used as a cover. An intelligence bureau official tells OneIndia that she was lured in by the rest and was used as a cover.

We have no reason to suggest that she may have not known about this operation. Her family claims that she was hired by Javed for a perfume business.

Officers say that most of these persons are lured in by using such tactics. While many investigators believe that she was in the know of the operation, David Headley added to this by stating that Ishrat was a suicide bomber of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

Moreover after the encounter a magazine of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba hailed her as one of their own. The post was however taken down later.

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