Proof of surgical strikes? You should not, you cannot and you shall not

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You cannot, you should not and you shall not. This is what several officers both serving and former have to say when talk of proof for the surgical strikes are being sought.

Did Arvind Kejriwal expect Pakistan to confirm the surgical strikes? They got a bloody nose and it is common sense that they would not confirm the news, says former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan.

India must not give proof of strike

There are two things one needs to understand where surgical strikes are concerned. Either do it clandestinely and do not accept it. Or you do it in a response to a provocation and say we have done it. However, in the aftermath of both cases there is a limit and to demand proof is just not done, says Bhushan.

You cannot and you should not and you shall not

Bhushan says that Kejriwal demanding proof is not right. He says that Pakistan suspects the operation and hence the government must give proof. First and foremost, did he expect the Pakistanis to confirm it.

Secondly, he does not understand the nuisances of privacy and the interests of security. To suggest that you need to give proof is utter nonsense. You don't do it in either case, says Bhushan.

"If someone is demanding proof, then all I have to say is, you cannot, you should not and you shall not," Bhushan says. 

Bhushan further adds that demanding proof is not logical. Can you ask the United States of America for proof that they killed Osama Bin Laden? Did you ask the French what they did after the Paris attacks?
This narrative by these politicians is just not done.

India has done what it had to do. Now it is time to get on with it and not show any complacency. There is no need to go on debating this issue. Instead let us be secure.

Moreover Narendra Modi is not here to convince each and everyone. I always knew he would hit back and he is not the kind who would take Pakistan's acts lying down. It was only a matter of time, the former R&AW officer further adds.

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