Has China isolated itself by blocking India's NSG bid

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New Delhi, July 1: The pulling up of Wang Qun, China's lead negotiator at Seoul where the NSG meet was held is an indication that the nation is losing out on support gradually.

China's contention that India should not be allowed into the NSG as it is a non NPT member had the backing of just 4 nations in the 48 member club. 


The United States of America has assured that it would discuss and find ways of having a non-NPT nation be part of the NSG later this year.

While India is optimistic, China is worried and would not look to dish out more support to ensure that it does not stand isolated.

Qun was said to have been pulled up as he failed to get the support of more nations. China was clearly unhappy with just 4 nations backing their contention.

Will China be isolated?

The United States of America has said that during a meeting to be held further this year, it would work out a way to have non-NPT nations be part of the NSG. However China has already indicated that it would continue to oppose the entry of any non-NPT nation.

A highly placed source in New Delhi says that China runs the risk of finding itself isolated. It would have expected that at least 10 or 15 nations would oppose India's NSG bid.

However the fact that just 4 nations opposed India has not gone too well. What China would be more worried about is the number falling further in the next meet.

The official also said that China would strategise heavily in the coming months to dish out support for its stance in the coming months.

Even if China does manage to block India once again, it would have on the back of its mind that it is losing out global support and this could affect it in several other matters including a verdict at the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague.

A verdict on whether China should give up land in favour of Philippines is expected soon. Currently as per China's claim it has the support of 60 countries who feel the arbitration at The Hague is illegal. The fear however is that this support base may drop.

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