Gurugram: Mother lashes out at DayCare after her 3-year-old loses thumb

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Gurugram, May 10: Shivani P Sharma, a mother of 3-year old is fighting against a DayCare unit ba child care organistation) for her daughter, Myra who has lost her thumb due to negligence of the staff members and officials.

After this horrific incident, little Myra had to undergo thumb amputation surgery. While lashing out at owner of creche, Sharma posted a heart-wrenching message on social networking site Facebook, to make parents aware about the staff's negligence.


This incident took place on Thursday, April 28 after which Myra's parents filed a complaint against the oraganisation's owner for the irresponsible behavior meted out with the child.

The incident occurred just after half an hour, her mother left her daughter at the DayCare. Sharma had received an emergency call by the teacher saying that her daughter has lost her thumb in an incident, when another boy named Kartik pushed the door closed and due to negligence of staff, Myra's thumb came inside the door. But when Sharma arrived at the hospital, she found that her daughter's thumb had been amputated by the doctors.

"Can you believe the situation when my three-year-old is in front of my eyes bleeding? The resident plastic surgeon told me that nothing can be done to broken thumb but only a surgery to close the cut. Which means for her whole life she will never have a full thumb nor any nail, instead she will have a round cut finger," Sharma said in her post.

Meanwhile, Sharma also alleged, "Earlier the owner offered to pay the medical expanses of the child but later on they backed out. She also wrote in her post that these people are so unprofessional and heartless that they don't have scare of God and law.

Sharma also urged to circulate the post to aware other parents about the careless incident of the DayCare staff and owner.

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