Gurdaspur attack: US says night vision device belongs to them

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Gurdaspur, Sep 16: A night vision device which was lost by the US forces in Afghanistan was used by the terrorists who carried out the Gurdaspur terror attack on July 27th.

The night vision device which was recovered from the spot after the attack was sent for identification and it has now been confirmed by the United States of America that the device bearing the model number AN/PVS-14 was in fact lost by one of their forces in Afghanistan.


Night Vision Device traced to Afghanistan

After the attack in Gurdaspur, the Punjab police had recovered the night vision device. The police shot a picture of the device and with the help of the agencies in New Delhi sent it across to Washington DC for identification.

The US followed it up by sending one of their technicians from the defence to inspect the device.

On dismantling the device and finding the make and serial number it was ascertained that the same belonged to the US forces.

It was also further ascertained that the device was misplaced by the US forces in the year 2010.

How did the attackers get hold of the device?

Intelligence Bureau officials say that there is a market for such devices which are lost by the forces.

During a battle some equipment does tend to get misplaced and there are persons who pick it up and sell it.

A similar trend has been witnessed in Iraq as well.

The same could have happened where this device is concerned. It may have been purchased from the black market by the terrorist group.

This is not a device that is available in the open market and moreover the US does not sell it to anyone.

This device is helpful to move about during the night and can sight up to 350 meters.

The attackers in the Gurdaspur incident came in late in the night and used this device to move around.

With the help of this device they managed to dodge the security and gain entry into the police station at Gurdaspur from where the attack was launched.

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