Golden intelligence rule: When your cover is blown, you are on your own

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There is one simple rule in the Intelligence Bureau and the Research and Analysis Wing. If your cover is blown, then you are on your own. When an agent is sent undercover to another country, he agrees that he will not rat the agency out if he caught. "It is almost like signing a death warrant," senior officials explain.

When the agencies pick a man, various stages of checks and balances are undertaken. It is only after the agency is completely satisfied that the person is capable of undertaking the operation that he is selected. However, a more important rule is that if he is caught, he will not reveal at any cost who is he working for.

When such tough measures are in force, it is seems difficult to believe that Kulbhushan Jadhav would have made a video confession. In the video confession he says that he is an agent of the Research and Analysis Wing. He also explains the entire modus operandi of his Balochistan operation.

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It does not need a forensic investigation to state that the video is doctored. Clearly the words and his lip movements do not match. It is very evident that words had been inserted during the so called confession.

More importantly if at all the R&AW had hired him, then a lot of checks and balances would have been done. Had he really been an agent then he would not have issued such a confession no matter what the torture inflicted upon him was. The fact that one needs to bear in mind here also is that Jadhav had, in fact, approached the agency and offered his services in 2010 and 2012. He was rejected both times as he was unreliable.

Jadhav for Pakistan was just an excuse to derail the Pathankot attack probe. His death sentence was also another excuse to get India to the negotiating table so that the Pakistan agent caught in Nepal was freed.

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