Enough of protests, want to focus on studies now: HCU students

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Hyderabad, May 13: The resignation letter of ex-SFI student Raju Kumar Sahu has triggered a different aspect of protest for Rohith Vemula. A section of the students who are neutral to the protest complained that the classes be resumed as academics is being affected.

Sahu in his letter said, " the real losers of the entire game are none other than the common students, who have suffered in terms of placements."

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This opinion garnered a lot of support from a lot of students. "The SFI had promised during elections that if the party wins, it will work for placements of students. There are so many students who come from poor families and hope for placements. However, the SFI only protested for its own benefit,"said an MCA student. Speaking of the woes of a few departments who were ignored during the placement, the student also said that placements were high in MBA and MTech students, but the other departments like Computer Sciences, English and Communication, Economics, and the Sciences, suffered.

Another student said, "I am not against the protests. Even I want justice for Rohith Vemula. But not at the cost of future of thousands of students like me."

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SFI members, however, have a different opinion. They said, "Sahu was definitely influenced by Surya Prasad, an MCA student who had quit SFI soon after Rohith Vemula's death. A few days ago, when I spoke to him, he was scared of being booked in the March 22 incident in which Rohith supporters, including him, ransacked the VC's lodge. Perhaps, his seniors influenced him against the same and made him take such a decision."

Some agreed saying that his political ideology was never clear. "He was elected as a candidate for the students' election only to gather more votes from the computer sciences department which has the highest share of students on campus. Sahu was not among the active members of SFI and was merely used for vote bank purpose," said a PhD student.

Seeking help from the university authorities and the police, Sahu said,"As you know, the recent developments in the University of Hyderabad, I have resigned from SFI because of its dividing and alienated politics and fake propaganda. I am feeling afraid now about my security. I feels (sic) that ASA, JAC and SFI people can harm me. Please take into serious consideration to this issue and provide me safety."

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