Did ISI sell Taliban chief Mansour's location to the CIA?

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New Delhi, May 27: It took four days for the Pakistan's political elite to condemn the drone strike that killed Mullah Mansour, the chief of the Taliban.

Even Pakistan's Army chief, General Raheel Sharif voiced his concern about the killing four days after the incident.

Did ISI sell Mansour's location to CIA?

The condemnations from Pakistan were in fact muted and this gives rise to speculation, did the country sell out information on Mansour's location like they did on Osama Bin Laden? Pakistan selling out information on terrorists who they have no real need for is not uncommon.

Who sold information on Mullah Mansour?
Pakistan has always been expressing serious concern about the drone strikes that the Americans carry out. However this time around the response was exceptionally muted considering the man who was killed was no ordinary person. He was after all the chief of the Taliban who was installed by the ISI.

Going by the responses in Pakistan, it gives a clear picture that many in the country may have been involved. Mullah Mansour was losing favour with the ISI.

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Moreover under him the Taliban was a fractured unit and this was not doing the ISI any good. Getting him out of the way and appointing a more respected Mullah Haibatullah appeared a more feasible option to get the Taliban united.

The response from the US too was not convincing. A statement from the US said that he was obstructing peace. However Pakistan had on Thursday last said that Mansour was on his way for peace talks.

The other aspect that one needs to analyse here is that Mansour was killed in province of Baluchistan that was off limits for the US drones. The drones normally operate in the NorthWestern tribalk areas.

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