Meet Syed Asif Ibrahim, the special envoy to West Asia

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New Delhi, June 3: The appointment of Syed Asif Ibrahim, former chief of the Intelligence Bureau of India as the special envoy to West Asia and the Afghanistan-Pakistan region is a welcome move.

Ibrahim who was the man responsible for wiping out the Indian Mujahideen will have a major role to play especially in thwarting the threats India faces from the ISIS and the Al-Qaeda in the sub-continent.

Syed Asif Ibrahim

Ibrahim's role as the special envoy would focus mainly on ensuring that the radicalization of the India youth at the hands of the two terrorist groups does not happen. India faces a major radicalization threat from the two outfits and wading away this threat is of primary importance to the Indian government.

What is expected of Asif Ibrahim?

Ibrahim had won laurels as the chief of the Intelligence Bureau. A hardcore professional he took over as the chief of the IB at a time when India was facing a severe threat from home grown terror groups such as the Indian Mujahideen.

The IM which was headed by Yasin Bhatkal was able to strike at will and it was an operation led by Ibrahim which finally net the man and put him behind bars thus signaling an end to the outfit.

Ibrahim who would be part of the National Security Council Secretariat will mainly focus on a de-radicalisation programme. Off late it has been seen that the clamour for the ISIS has been increasing among the Indian youth.

This has been due to a large radicalization programme initiated by the ISIS through its online campaigns.

Ibrahim would deal and coordinate with the Indian disapora in West Asia and also the minority leaders in India and ensure that a de-radicalisation process takes place.

Ibrahim who would report to Ajit Doval the National Security Advisor would have his task cut out as he begins this programme with the help of minority leaders and the Indian diaspora in West Asia.

Prevent motivational activities by ISIS:

Ibrahim would have to ensure that the youth in India are not motivated by the ISIS or the Al-Qaeda in the sub-continent. There is a lot of activity online these days which have resulted in several youth expressing their willingness to join these terror groups.

Ibhrahim would coordinate with various persons including the elders in the community to ensure that this threat is waded off as soon as possible.

The Indian government has taken a completely different approach to the ISIS problem. Unless and until there is a serious crime committed, the police officials across the country have been told to try and counsel youth who have been misguided.

Asif Ibrahim would have to ensure that these persons who are trying to radicalize the youth are cut off and the youth in India stay away from the ISIS or the AQIS. It would be a herculean task no doubt, but with the kind of contacts that Ibrahim has, the job may just be done.

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