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Congress, BJP election speeches reach a new low

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Bengaluru, Nov 24: Thanks to our politicians, the tone and language of the political speech have sunk below standard in the elections. Might be slip of tongue or deliberate calling of names sounds entertaining to the voters, but a speech without ethical undertone doesn't deserve respect.

Congress, BJP elections speeches reach new low

We all remember then Congress President Sonia Gandhi's infamous 'Mauth Ka Saudaagar' jibe against Narendra Modi during the 2007 Gujarat Assembly election and its consequence. But politicians hardly learn from each other's mistake and rather they are taking political morality to a new low.

Aiyar's 'neech' remark cost Congress Gujarat, but no lessons learnedAiyar's 'neech' remark cost Congress Gujarat, but no lessons learned

Speeches during the upcoming assembly elections are less discussed the better. Unfortunately, these remarks are bereft of minimum decency and respect for each others position and stature in public life.

Falling rupee compared to the age of Narendra Modi's mother

Congress leader Raj Babbar referenced Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mother during his campaign in Madhya Pradesh to describe the free fall of rupee. Modi's mother Heeraben Modi is 98. The rupee has seen a continued fall against the robust US dollar this year. BJP's spokesperson Sambit Patra said the use of unparliamentary language or to drag any person's mother into politics was unacceptable.

The man who demands an apology from the Congress used even more offending words against the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Whatever BJP's associates are doing in Ayodhya is part of a conspiracy: MayawatiWhatever BJP's associates are doing in Ayodhya is part of a conspiracy: Mayawati

Sambit Patra called Neharu-Gandhi family 'Thugs of Hindustan'

Hindi news channel Aaj Tak too organised an audience-based show in Madhya Pradesh's Indore. Participating in the show were Rajiv Tyagi of the Congress and Sambit Patra from the BJP. This was after both Patra and Tyagi used derogatory terms for the Nehru-Gandhi family and Narendra Modi respectively. The show turned into a battlefield with supporters of both the parties clashing with each other.

Kamal Nath called as 'Commission Nath':

Once again, BJP's Sambit of Patra used a derogatory remark against the Congress leader. In a press conference, Patra called the Congress leader, 'Commission Nath' due to his alleged connection with the sensational 2G spectrum scam. Patra said, " Today, from this stage, we are coining a new name for Kamal Nath ji. He is not Kamal Nath, he is 'Commission Nath'. Madhya Pradesh ki janta ko Commission Nath nahi chahiye, yahan kamal hi khilega."

CP Joshi's casteist remarks:

Joshi, a former Union Minister and once a contender for Rajasthan's Chief Minister post, is seen asking what is the caste of Uma Bharti, Sadhvi, PM Narendra Modi. He goes on to claim that despite being non-Brahmins, these individuals go on to talk about Hinduism.

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