Compete with yourself, not with others, PM tells students in Mann ki Baat

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New Delhi, Jan 29: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged the students to compete with yourself rather than with others and not to consider examinations as presuure.

28th edition of PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat today

Addressing the nations, Modi said examinations should be celebrated as festivals. He also urged people to focus on their responsibilities, not just their rights.

"People should focus both duties and rights in our discussions," he said in his 'Mann ki Baat" programme on Sunday. "We only think about our rights but forget our responsibilities. "I urge the citizens to focus on their duties towards the country and fellow citizens as much as they focus on their rights," he said.

Also, Modi paid tributes to soldiers who died in an avalanche in Jammu and Kashmir. "When we were happily celebrating Republic Day, soldiers were killed in an avalanche," Modi said in his radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat'. "I salute them."

At least 15 soldiers were killed after two avalanches hit a military post and a patrol along the Line of Control (LoC) last week.

Here are the live updates:

11:01am: We will observe a silence of 2 minutes on morning of 30 Jan to pay respect to martyrs who gave their lives for the nation.

11:05am: Congratulate families&personnel who won gallantry awards on R-Day. I urge youth to reserch on them by using internet&spread the word.

11:06am: My condolence to the brave jawans who lost their lives due to avalanche in Jammu and Kashmir.

11:07am: In the light of recent Republic day celebrations I'd say the stress laid on rights must also be laid on duties.

11:10am: Exams should be celebrated as festivals and that will bring out the best in you.

11:12am: When you are relaxed, the recall value will be more.

11:13am: A happy mind is the secret for a good mark sheet. When you are tensed, knowledge takes a back seat. Do not let that happen.

11:14am: Knowledge is what matters.

11:16am: If your mission and ambition are in sync, marks will follow.

11:17am: See exmp of President Kalam, he wasn't able to get into the forces, if he would've let it hamper him,we wouldn't have had a great man like him.

11:18am: Competing with others can make you unhappy and jealous. Complete with yourself and you will be energised & more determined to excel.

11:19am: Look at the life of Sachin Tendulkar. He kept challenging himself and bettered his own records.

11:20am: Root of problems are expectations, it is acceptance that makes things easy.

11:24am: I urge parents to accept rather than expect. Our expectations from our children should not get heavy.

11:26am: People have told you often but I am saying again- do not cheat. Even if no one caught you, you know that you have cheated in exams.

11:27am: If you form a habit of cheating, there will be no desire to learn. Trying to cheat requires time, creativity. Use it for better purposes.

11:28am: Take small breaks, return to books feeling fresh. Try deep breathing it is very relaxing.

11:29am: P for prepare and P for play, the person who plays, shines.

11:30am: 3 things are important in exams - proper rest, sufficient sleep & physical activity.

11:32am: 1 Feb 2017 marks 40 years of Indian Coast Guard , I congratulate them for it. They are always vigilant.

11:33am: Indian Coast Guards completing 40 years on Feb 1, 2017; I thank all jawans and officials for serving the nation.

11:34am: Not many know that our Coast Guard has women personnel also and they work at par with their counterparts.

11:35am: Be confident, do well. My best wishes are with you. Make the best of it: PM Modi to students.

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