Love Shocker: Trapped Indian women married off, trained to become terrorists

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Burdwan Blast
Kolkata, Nov 3: Investigation by National Investigation Agency (NIA) into Burdwan blast case in West Bengal brought many unknown facts into light. Probe reports claimed that many Indian women were trapped by members of Bangladeshi terror group Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB).

According to NIA sources, at least 13 couples have been identified who were active members of JMB and were working to fulfil it's dream of establishing an Islamic state in Bangladesh and different parts of West Bengal -- Murshidabad, Malda and Nadia.

It has been reported that terrorists of the group were asked to select young females belonging to low socioeconomic background and marry them. This was the terror group's plans to execute their dream in the country. Marrying Indian women enabled the terrorists to acquire Indian identity and documents and the women were used as a cover too.

Training included gun and arrow shooting, physical training, bomb making

Media reports quoted NIA sources as saying that 13 women from West Bengal, who got married to JMB cadres, were involved in imparting dangerous jihadi indoctrination and training at the Simulia madarsa in Burdwan and Mukimnagar madarsa in Murshidabad. These women too were active members of the group which used to spread jihadi philosophy.

All 13 women were given training at different levels to be incorporated as trainers after completion of their training. According to sources, their training included gun and arrow shooting, physical training, bomb making, delivery of jehadi talk and to show the plight of Muslims through videos to woo young minds.

In its preliminary report to the Ministry of Home Affairs, NIA officials said the "indoctrination of women cadres (especially from the impoverished sections) by the group was a worrying trend", and that effective steps should be taken to address the issue.

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