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BJP creating false binary of nationalism vs anti-nationalism


New Delhi, Mar 11: Amid a raging row over JNU, Rajya Sabha MP Pavan Verma today attacked BJP for "creating" a "false binary" and "unwarranted" argument of "nationalism vs anti-nationalism" for "short-term political benefits".

"They (BJP leaders) are not going into the subtleties of the meaning of nationalism and are dishing out monolithic argument of nationalism vs anti-nationalism," Verma said extending his support to the JNU students agitating against alleged branding of the university as "anti-national".


"Aggression, violence, distortion of logic and the creation of this brittle hysteria every time there is an opinion, voice which is contrary to their notion of what nationalism is, is not acceptable," he alleged.

Verma, who was addressing the students at the varsity's administration block, which has been the venue of students' protest for a month, said that he had faith in the country's judiciary and its people and that they will ultimately reject such kind of "extreme" nationalism and politics.

Earlier in the day, historian Jairus Banaji addressed the students and said India today lives "in a climate of violence" consciously created by a few organised groups.

"In this country, we are today living in a climate of violence. 'They' are the upholders of the law. This climate of violence has emerged in the last so many months and it's really dangerous for us," said Banaji.

"It seems to me that explosions of violence (communal riots) that happen from time to time have nothing spontaneous about them.

They are the works of organised groups and have very careful and intricate planning. The violence is the product of these organisations wanting to create a climate of violence and fear and triggering," he added.


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