Bihar court blast: Did JD(U) leader shelter the accused?

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Patna, June 25: Two leaders of the Janata Dal (U) are under the scanner for allegedly sheltering a criminal who made a daring escape from police custody after his girlfriend carried out a blast at the Arrah court premises in January 2015.

In the month of January a woman exploded a bomb at the Arrah court premises in Bihar in which a police constable was killed and several others were injured.

Did JD(U) leader shelter blast accused?

The lady who carried the bomb was identified as Nagina was also killed in the blast. She is said to be the girlfriend of Lambu Sharma, a dreaded criminal who escaped from police custody in that confusion. The Special Cell of the Delhi police arrested Sharma who was hiding in the capital.

Who sheltered Lambu Sharma?

Shamra according to the Special Cell was allegedly sheltered by two JD(U) leaders. During the questioning of Sharma it was revealed that he had made a daring escape from the court premises while being produced.

He was in police custody at that time and the entire escape plan was hatched with another gangster who wanted to seek revenge on his rival.

Sharma has told the police about the two leaders who allegedly played a role in sheltering him and escape in the first place. The Delhi Police is gathering more information on the two leaders who are suspected to be in Delhi.

Plot to kill a rival gangster

Sharma considered to be a dangerous criminal had hatched a plan with another gangster. He said that the gangster friend of his wanted a rival killed. The rival has been identified as Ansari who operates out of Uttar Pradesh.

They managed to get in touch with Sharma's girlfriend Nagina who was told to hurl a bomb in the court premises when he was being produced.

The bomb was meant to create panic and confusion which would pave the way for Sharma to escape from the police, investigations have revealed. The Delhi police officer informed OneIndia that Nagina who hurled the bomb however died in the incident while killing a police constable and injuring around 15 others.

Nagina carried the bomb in a tiffin box. It was a powerful bomb which contained an improvised explosive device. It was meant to be triggered off by a switch.

However the bomb exploded early and in the bargain Nagina too lost her life, the police have learnt during the investigation. However after the blast, Sharma is said to have headed to Delhi and was hiding there. He had decided to execute the plan of killing Ansari and had set up a meeting.

Escape artist

Sharma has made several escape bids in the past and has been successful. He had used a similar modus operandi all three times and succeeded. In the previous incident that occurred in the year 2009, he had ensured that a blast was triggered off in which one advocate was killed.

He used to lure persons with money and ensure that they carried a bomb into the court premises while he was being produced. After the bomb exploded he managed to give the police the slip due to the ensuing confusion that would prevail.

He used to lure contacts to first click pictures of the court premises. The plan would then be hatched and he would tell the person whom to contact to have the bomb delivered.

The contact would only have to carry the bomb into the court premises and hurl it. However in the latest incident the contact ended up losing her life as the bomb exploded too early, the police also say.

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