Bengaluru: Indiranagar residents set to take out protest march over deteriorating neighbourhood

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The residents of HAL 2nd stage in Bengaluru's Indiranagar are set to take out a protest march on Saturday against deteriorating condition of the neighbourhood due to commercialisation.

The neighbourhood, which once used to be green and serene, has now become noisy and unsafe for the residents. The shoddy waste management by the municipality and over flowing sewers are adding to the woes of the residents.

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The increasing crime rate in the area, coupled with the drug menace is forcing the residents to raise their voice.

The residents are also complaining about drunken revelry on streets, sale of drugs and prostitution in the area.

The rapid commercialisation of the area has also encroached upon the parking spaces and visitors have to wait for a long time to find a place to park their vehicle.

The noise pollution and increasing traffic, which are having an impact on the entire city, are affecting the quality of life of the Indiranagar residents. The noise also disturbs students studying for their exams.

The HAL 2nd stage residents are going to gather at 8 pm on March 4 and take out a protest march to voice their dissent.

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