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Are you a Smoker? Here are your Most Damaged Organs

By Oneindia Staff Writer
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Being healthy is not a destination, it's a journey. Adopting and maintaining healthy habits isn't that difficult as it may seem to be. At times, maintaining a good state of health means saying no to certain habits (and food items). That being said, not falling for the trap set by cigarettes improves your overall health. Cigarette smoking is more harmful that you can imagine. You'll be surprised to know that passive smoking is more harmful than active smoking. In passive smoking, non-smokers are involuntarily exposed to the smoke emitted by cigarettes and the smoke exhaled by the smoker(s). Indirectly, they inhale the smoke. This gets absorbed by their bodies which takes a toll on their health.

Are you a Smoker? Here are your Most Damaged Organs

For smokers, insurance comes at a high premium. It means that if they want to enjoy insurance benefits, they have to pay an enhanced insurance premium as compared to non-smokers. This means that the side-effects of smoking affect both their physical as well as financial health.

Tobacco is responsible for the death of more than 7 million people annually. More than 6 million deaths are a result of direct exposure to tobacco and 0.89 million deaths are a result of being exposed to passive smoking. The sad part is, these deaths could have been prevented.

Still not convinced about the side effects of smoking on a human body? Read on to know how cigarettes affect various vital organs of a human body.

1. Lungs
The first organ affected by cigarettes is lungs. It is where the inhaled smoke goes into the alveoli (sacs filled with air) and breaks their thin walls. Smoking affects your lungs adversely and causes 3 common diseases- lung cancer, bronchitis, and emphysema. Research has proven that more than 80% of lung cancer cases are triggered by smoking and related habits.

Cigarette smoke not only irritates and damages the cilia found in lungs, it also triggers an overproduction of mucous which later becomes uncontrolled due to hindered respiration. As a result, lung cilia turn hard and black. While it is an early indication of asthma and cancer, body processes can return to normal if the smoker quits smoking. The damaged lung tissue, though, can never recover.

2. Liver
The liver is affected by cigarette smoke which results in an increased risk of developing liver cancer. As per studies, smoking triggers 50 percent cases of liver cancer. In the long run, smoking turns liver tissue into scar tissue.

3. The skin
The skin is the largest organ of the body. And, even skin gets damaged due to side-effects of smoking. Smoking damages the chemistry of the skin layers; hence, a smoker looks older as compared to his/her peers. Smoking is responsible for toughening of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles on the face, and stretch marks on the body. These problems are caused due to dying suppleness of the skin due to smoking.

As a matter of fact, smokers are highly prone to developing skin cancer as compared to non-smokers. Smoking triggers other skin diseases such as psoriasis, skin warts, and poor wound healing. Our skin is the body's first layer of defense against the attack of bacteria and viruses. As per a study conducted in 2007, people who smoke a packet of cigarette every day over a period of 20 years have a double risk of developing psoriasis.

4. Eyes
Smoking drastically affects the eyes. As a result, eyes start drooping and become watery. Additionally, an eye's ability to perceive objects is greatly reduced. In addition, cigarette smoking also leads to some conditions related to loss of vision, macular degeneration, glaucoma and various eye-related diseases.

Cigarette smoking exposes the eyes to a dual threat which is internal as well as external. When you smoke a cigarette, the smoke gathers into your eyes, and the exhaled smoke causes further irritation to the eyes. Additionally, smoking reduces the flow of blood to the eyes, which further disables antioxidants from reaching the optic nerve.

Reproductive Organs

Smoking is directly linked to deterioration of reproductive health in both males as well as females. The severity of damage is higher in female smokers as compared to male smokers. Here is how smoking affects a smoker's reproductive organs:

1. The Uterus
Ladies, if you smoke cigarettes, it affects you more than you can imagine. Smoking takes a toll on your reproductive health, and it can trigger infertility-related problems. Smoking increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy.
Multiple types of research conducted over many years show that smoking can lead to miscarriages. Smoking poses a risk to the unborn child as it can lead to physical as well as mental deformities in the foetus.

2. Penis
Smoking adversely affects the male reproductive organ by decreasing the ability to attain an erection. Additionally, it leads to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Nicotine found in tobacco is responsible for erectile dysfunction and decrease in the sperm count. As per studies, after quitting smoking, male smokers are able to attain quicker and firmer erections.

Summing it up!!!
Smoking is the root cause of many problems. While quitting smoking is hard, it is possible. It takes willpower, patience and self-control to set yourself free from the tight clutches of this vice. Once you quit smoking, your body and mind will thank you. You will see visible changes in your body, and your health will gradually improve. If you want to have a good sex life, and more importantly, a good life, quit being a slave to smoking.

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