Soon a feature-length documentary on the making of AAP

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Panaji, Nov 25:  The trials and tribulations faced by leaders during the formation of the Aam Admi Party (AAP), a political outfit stemming from the anti-corruption movement, fills the reels of a forthcoming feature-length political documentary.

Two young filmmakers Vinay Shukla and Khushboo Ranka are ready with their documentary 'Preposition For A Revolution' whose first frame was shot when the AAP was formed and travels to the crucial Delhi elections, covering the ups and downs of this youngest political outfit in the largest democracy.

Soon a documentary on AAP!

The duo, who was here at the NFDC Film Bazaar, is now scouring for distributors to release it. Khushboo says during the entire documentary, there is no voice-over or interview and they never came face-to-face with party chief Arvind Kejriwal or any of the leaders.

"We were inside the room when they were strategising, so we shot them strategising, arguing, fighting, laughing because we were behind them shooting. They wouldn't have given such an access to any journalist. We got there before any press was there," says Vinay.

Vinay: We got there before any press was there

The filmmakers, who have no formal training in the field, recalled how when they were interacting with their friends in USA and Canada, there was curiosity about the anti-corruption movement that had spurted in India.

"We were travelling in the middle of 2012, when we heard that the people who were beyond the anti-corruption movement were going to start the party. That time we thought this is an interesting choice and we were talking about it to our friends in the US and Canada and everybody said this is going to be an interesting story. 

That's what we also felt so when we came to India we were not hearing anything about the party. That's when we thought of travelling to Delhi and see ourselves personally. That's how we landed up in Delhi with our camera," explained Vinay.

He said the launch of the party is the first frame when we actually started shooting. Earlier to that, we were documenting them or observing them for sometime but launch of the party was when we actually began shooting, Vinay added.


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