Now 400 cops hunt for syringe psycho

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Hyderabad, Sept 1: The case of syringe psycho continues to haunt the Andhra Pradesh police.

The man who travels on a Pulsar motor cycle pricking women on their back sides with a syringe on Tuesday has 400 cops behind him.


He has pricked 13 women so far with a syringe and his area of operation is the West Godavari district.

The police have termed this incident as exaggerated as the blood samples of the women who have been pricked have found nothing harmful.

400 cops chase one man:

The police blame the local media for the mess. They have unnecessarily spread panic, the police say. A police officer part of this operation tells OneIndia that the women have been complaining.

They are scared to go out for a walk and we have been assuring them that this is an exaggerated incident.[Syringe psycho leaves Andhra Pradesh terrorised]

While on one hand the police say that there is nothing to worry on the other they have formed 50 teams comprising 400 police personnel to nab this man who has been termed as Syringe Psycho.

Not a harmful prick:

The police have sent the needles found on the spot for forensic examination. Also the blood samples of the women who have complained has been sent for testing and no substance has been found leave alone anything poisonous, informed, Superintendent of Police, Bhaskar Bhushan.

The police have also announced a cash reward of Rs 1 lakh to anyone who gives information about this man. The police are unsure about his motive. They say he may just be a pervert enjoying a prank.

He does not want to harm the women as no harmful substance has been injected. He just pricks them and scoots, the police say.

As per the complaints there have been nine women who have been victims of his pricks. He would ride his black Pulsar motor bike with his face covered.

When he would see a woman, he would stop the bike and prick them with a syringe on their back side before speeding away.

However, after news of his antiques appeared in the media, he has been covering his face and pricking women, the police also say.

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