Yemen crisis: Saudis just helped an Al Qaeda resurgence

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The decision by Saudi Arabia to carry out strikes in Yemen have created more damage than good.

There was a time not so long back when the al Qaeda was trying to grab credit for any attack that occurred in any part of the world.


Such was the desperation of this group which has been on the downfall since the death of Osama Bin Laden.

The al Qaeda which has been beaten down in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan held on to their unit in Yemen where they operated as the al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

However, this unit too was showing signs of downfall and then entered the Saudis who have been extremely selective in their target which in turn made the al Qaeda resurgent in the Arabian Peninsula once again. [Al Qaeda in Sub-Continent was a hoax?]

Al Qaeda could thanks the Saudis

The al Qaeda which espouses the Sunni Muslim cause was engaged in a battle with the Shia Houthi rebels.

With Iran backing the Houthis along with various others within Yemen including former President Saleh, they had become a force stronger than what one may have imagined.

The al Qaeda was running for cover unable to take on the Houthis until the Saudis decided to enter into Yemen. [Yemen: We know who the Al-Qaeda's real enemies are]

What the Saudis did was target the Houthi camps and weakening them.

There has not been a single instance of the Saudis targeted the al Qaeda camps.

These selective strikes only made the Houthis weak on the ground. The areas where the Houthis held their ground has now been taken over by the al Qaeda.

The Saudis have focused on air strikes but really did not focus much on holding the land.

This vaccum has given the al Qaeda the opportunity to take over the land which was held by the Houthis.

Is Saudi conveying a message to Iran

Iran denies having any say in the operation of the Houthis.

However, going by the fact that the Houthis comprise the Shias, it is quite obvious that Iran would go all out and support them.

The Saudis have very often raised objections about Iran backing the Houthis in a bid to gain Shia supremacy. [Saudi strikes Yemen rebels as Iran warns of 'dangerous step']

Targetting only the Houthis in Yemen is one such message that the Saudis have sent to Iran.

While the Saudis may have proven their point to a large extent to Iran, what they have failed to do is stop the growth of the al Qaeda a terror outfit they had claimed to have fought.

There is no back up plan by anyone to stall the rise of the al Qaeda and this kind of resurgence will be dangerous in the future.

Moreover the al Qaeda is extremely strong on the ground and with the Sunni tribes in Yemen backing them the organization only gains in strength.

Al Qaeda calls in all its forces

The fact that the al Qaeda is extremely pleased with the indirect help they have got from the Saudis is evident in the fact that they have called in their major fighters into Yemen.

The al Qaeda is almost non-existent in Afghanistan.

Contrary to the claim that many have been killed, the fact is that since the past couple of months all the fighters from Afghanistan have been moved into Yemen.

A similar trend is being witnessed in Syria and Iraq as well.

In Syria and Iraq the al Qaeda has been no match for the ISIS and have literally been beaten down. Many of the fighters from there too have been called into Yemen.

However, analysts would say that in the absence of a back up plan by the Saudis, the al Qaeda is sure to gain a lot.

However, the next battle on hand the al Qaeda would have to face is with the ISIS which has also come to Yemen in a small way for now.

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