With new faces, US election 2016 is likely to pop up surprises

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What is it with the US Presidential elections in 2016 that world media is going bonkers over it? We say, it is for the world's most powerful country and the presidential head could well decide the fate of many countries dependent on it for finance, economy and employment.

With all eyes on the Presidential campaign and the way it is proceeding, it can be observed that the elections would be a little more than unusual.


The candidates come from varied backgrounds and different professions, nothing like the previous elections where the participants had prior political history.

So, here is a list of politicians who will be making their debut (along with the veterans) in the US presidential elections next year:

HIllary Clinton


Hillary Rodham Clinton-Former Secretary of State
Bernie Sanders-United States Senator
Martin O'Malley-Former Maryland Governor
Lincoln Chafee-Former Rhode Island Governor
Jim Webb: Former United States Senator
Joseph R. Biden Jr.-Vice President
Elizabeth Warren-United States Senator

Donald Trump

The Republicans

Jeb Bush: Former Florida Governor
Ted Cruz: US Senator
Rand Paul: United States Senator
Marco Rubio: United States Senator
Ben Carson: Retired Neurosurgeon
Carly Fiorina: Former Business Executive
Mike Huckabee: Former Arkansas Governor
Rick Santorum: Former United States Senator
George Pataki: Former New York Governor
Lindsey Graham: United States Governor
Rick Perry: Former Texas Governor
Donald Trump: Real Estate Mogul
Scott Walker: Wisconsin Governor
Chris Christie: New Jersey Governor
Bobby Jindal: Lousiana Governor
John Kasich: Ohio Governor
Mitt Romney: 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee

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