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Why the fatwas of the ISIS should not be believed

By Vicky

The ISIS has this uncanny knack of fooling its followers. While on one hand the ISIS says that it is destroying ancient museums as they are anti-Islam on the other they have gone ahead and issued a fatwa authorising the harvesting of human organs.

The latest fatwa which is the 68th issued by the ISIS states that taking organs from a living captive to save the life of a Muslim is permissible, even if it is fatal for the captive.


What is the real design and meaning of this fatwa. Security experts say that the ISIS is just justifying its organ trade racket.

The ISIS had also tried justifying the destruction of ancient sites in Syria. They had claimed that they were destroying these monuments as they were anti-Islam. However, what was found later on was that they were stealing the antiques and selling them to smugglers.

The lies of the ISIS:

The ISIS which has built up a very powerful army needs to consistently raise funds to sustain. There is a reason why the ISIS is the richest terror organisation in the world. They have innovative ways of raising money.

However, the key to their success is that for every action that they undertake they give the tag line that they are protecting Islam.

The recent fatwa relating to organ harvesting is another classic lie. The ISIS while issuing the fatwa states that this practise was approved by Islamic scholars in the past.

However, the moderate Muslims terms this as a lie and say that Islam does not permit such activity.

The fact is that organ trade is a huge racket across the world. ISIS operatives have known to be involved in this racket. The government in Iraq too has accused the ISIS or harvesting human organs and trafficking them for profit.

However, the recruits of the ISIS do not feel that the organisation is doing any wrong.

The ISIS has a way of convincing its recruits. In a bid to justify their act, they always quote Islam. In this fatwa they say that the organs of an infidel can be taken out to save the life of a true Muslim. Their fatwas are nothing but a marketing gimmick, experts say.

Antique trade:

Terrorist groups have always targeted heritage sites. The Taliban in Afghanistan targeted the gigantic Buddha statues while the ISIS recently went on a destruction spree at Nimrud and Palmyra. The ISIS said that such heritage sites indicated that Islam was being subdued at the hands of the Christians.

While to the world it seemed that the only aim was destroying the artifacts a little known fact is that the more valuable items were stolen and smuggled for a good amount of cash.

While the ISIS may make it seem that they are only destroying everything that was created in the Age of Ignorance, the fact remains that smuggling of ancient artefacts is a major draw among terror groups and smugglers.

Mohammad Atta, one of the masterminds of the 9/11 attack had dashed off to Germany to sell artefacts that he had stolen from Afghanistan and the same was used to fund the attacks.

It is a well known fact that the ISIS when it destroys art museums shows videos selectively.

Most of the artefacts that they destroy and show on video are the less valuable ones.

They however never destroy the valuables which fetch high prices in the market. The high value artefacts are smuggled out and sold to international smugglers for a huge price.

There are maniac antique collectors across the world who are willing to pay any price for such artefacts.

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