Why Rahul Gandhi's promotion to Congress President is a suicide attempt

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Congress vice President Rahul Gandhi is already a butt of all jokes within and outside the Parliament. Recently, among his most popular goof ups that went viral on the Internet was his pronounciation of MNREGA as 'NAREGA' and subsequently its full form 'Mahatma Gandhi Yojana'.

Forget the General election blunders he has done. But what haunts everyone is the smile even after defeat, probably that is what one mean when one say 'taking failure in a light spirit'.

Rahul Gandhi

However, the recent decision of the Congress to promote him to the President's position has drawn sympathies even from the BJP quarters. The party has nothing to lose anyways, but having Rahul Gandhi as the opposition is rather understating BJP's capabilites.

Why Narendra Modi would be the happiest

If the coronation goes as planned, Rahul Gandhi may take the responsibility of the Presidential seat in the party in the month of June. According to the ABP-Nielsen survey done in January this year, Modi is by far the most popular leader. Not only is he way ahead in terms of leadership, he is also the most popular leader among those who preceded him.

What is more shocking is the fact that 32% respondents believe that he is the best PM after independence, leaving even Indira Gandhi behind who was supported by 23%. Atal Bihari Vajpayee acquired the third place with 21%. Ironically, only 9% have voted for Jawaharlal Nehru.

Popular versus The Popular

According to opinion poll, 58% respondents consider Modi to be the most popular leader of the country, who is followed by Rahul Gandhi at 11%. Arvind Kejriwal and Sonia Gandhi are considered the least popular with 4% each.

Why the decision then?

The results of the survey are not unknown to party members. But the decision is tricky. It is said that this has been done in order to maintain the clear command structure within Congress so that insubordination and revolt from within can be avoided.The main aim here is to keep th eparty together rather than facing the opposition. So, is the Congress really going through a crisis?

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Indeed, the grassroot-level workers are feeling uncertain under Rahul's rule. The senior leadership too complain of being attached to Rahul, who can neither be accepted nor be rejected.

The Game of Thrones

And a game well played by the NDA government. People will have a few more chances to laugh at Rahul Gandhi's expense. Certainly, Narendra Modi will enjoy fighting against him and see him fail yet again. Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and long-time party loyalist Digvijaya Singh himself said, "The difference between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi is that Modi has got the gift of the gab."

He further said, "Even Indira Gandhi was never a great speaker, even Jawaharlal Nehru. But Indira Gandhi and Nehru had the vision - when they spoke, everyone listened. As far as Rahul is concerned, he is developing."

Well, all the best to that. But till then, let Modi reign.

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