Why don't Rahul & Modi sit together for healthy talks? We don't have any coalition disturbance now

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A lot of talking is being seen on Narendra Modi's first year as the prime minister. Reactions are oozing out from every corner about how the man has done in his inaugural year. Debates on whether he is touring abroad more than needed or the NDA has failed to revive the economy as per the expectations are disagreeing to die down. The Opposition, the media, the common man... all and sundry have an opinion on Modi's governance.

Whatever be the performance, it is a positive that the focus has remained on governance

In a way, this exercise is good. After a long time, one can notice that discussions in the public are about Modi government's governance. Whether it has been satisfactory or not is another story. But the focus is there on issues that impact the nation and its interests.


In the last 25 years, the focus had remained more on coalition tantrums

This was certainly not the case in the last 25 years when the era of coalition politics had dawned on India. The focus was more on the process of building the power structure in the world's largest democracy and the means to sustain it against all odds.

The likes of Mamatas, Lalus and Nitish Kumars eyed railway for their populism

Because of hung parliaments, thanks to a steady decline of the Congress party, the regional parties made it a fashion to exercise their own influence for a share in national governance. They used to target the railways ministry to help their selfish politics of populism.

Govt & Oppn need not always lock horns and can cooperate for nation's interests

Issues like portfolio distribution, politics of bargaining, crippled central authorities because of coalition compulsion kept the entire focus of the media and experts glued to issues that kept it chaotic. There was hardly any constructive discussion on governance and development as there was no consensus.

Post Lok Sabha polls 2014, the regional satraps have become irrelevant at the Centre

In 2015, there is no such distraction. Regional satraps like Mamata Banerjee and Mulayam Singh Yadav or Jayalalithaa, who we have seen taking the Centre for a ride a number of times because of their sheer presence in the Lok Sabha, are irrelevant this time in national politics.

No tantrums, no threats... PM Modi has no challenge coming from the Opposition bench. Rather, these regional leaders have now a stake to cooperate with Modi to ensure that they maintain their lead in their respective territories.

In such a disturbance-free environment, why don't Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi talk over India's future?

In this situation which is stable and clam, why don't the two main leaders of the country, PM Narendra Modi and Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, meet for constructive discussion on pressing problems that the country is facing. Instead of blaming each other on issues that have their origins in the distant past, why don't the two leaders make use of the chaos-free opportunity that the 2014 Lok Sabha election has given to the nation to progress towards a goal without any distraction. []

Jayaprakash Narayan had once played the role of a constructive Opposition to Indira Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi has returned from his sabbatical with a renewed vigour, which is definitely a positive sign for Indian democracy for without a substantial opposition, a democracy loses its health. In the 1970s, when Indira Gandhi was the unchallenged face of India, leaders like Jayaprakash Narayan had arisen on the occasion and even tried to remind the Congress leader of her responsibilities many a time. [Modi took lesson on economy from Manmohan: Rahul Gandhi]

Discussion is more important than mocking each other for temporary claps

Why doesn't Rahul Gandhi too take a similar path and meet the prime minister for a constructive discussion on issues like 'Make in India', farmers' problems, economic revival or the attacks on religious minorities. He will gain a little by just mocking the government over Modi's frequent foreign visits or farmers' plight at rallies or party meetings.

Rahul Gandhi has to prove himself as a reliable Opposition leader first if he wants to lead the nation one day

The Congress, with just 44 seats in the Parliament and little presence in big states of the Union, will not achieve much by opting for the collision course. Only by showing his skills as a responsible Opposition leader can Rahul Gandhi aspire to gain the country's trust to lead it one day.

The situation is perfect for the two leaders to join hands and take India forward for there are no hazards at the moment. But are Indian politicians mature enough to take the right steps ahead?

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