Why AAP, Congress desperate for immediate assembly polls in Delhi?

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Delhi: AAP, Cong's desperation for poll
Putting an end to the eight-month-long political uncertainty in Delhi, Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung on Tuesday recommended to the President dissolution of the Delhi Assembly as major players BJP, AAP and Congress expressed "inability" to form government and preferred holding of fresh polls.

Delhi to go for fresh polls

Jung's recommendations have now paved a way for dissolution of the Delhi Assembly as Union Cabinet as well as the President have given their nod for the same. This will now result in to holding of fresh polls in the capital which is under President's Rule since February after Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP government quit after ruling for 49 days.

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That means the people of national capital will have to once again exercise their franchise and chose a government of their choice. This also means once again the top three political parties i.e. BJP, AAP and Congress, in the capital state will enter into poll fray for battle of supremacy. If things go as it looks then Delhi will go for fresh polls by the end of January or in the first week of February, 2015.

But, AAP wants the Election Commission to immediately announce model code of conduct in and hold elections in Delhi along with upcoming assembly polls in J&K and Jharkhand. Same was Congress' demand which wants fresh polls as soon as possible in the state. While, the BJP, which had emerged as the single largest party in last year's assembly polls and won all seven Lok Sabha seats in the state, was avoiding fresh polls.

Congress, AAP want immediate polls

If we talk about Congress and AAP, a pertinent question arises why both these parties are showing desperation for immediate polls. It takes a lot of planning and preparation for the Election Commission to organise polls. The EC already is occupied with the preparation in the poll bound Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir which will be completed in five phases. Also, the independent body has to take care of the Rajya Sabha polls in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

It seems AAP and Congress feel that their chances of performing well in Delhi is possible only when they do not give their common rival, the BJP, ample time to prepare for polls. It seems, the parties feel that tackling the BJP, which is trying to capitalise on the Modi-wave to script history in J&K and Jharkhand, will become a daunting task if the party performs well in these two states.

Both the parties feel, opportune moment in Delhi is 'now'

It seems, both the parties feel that the BJP's star campaigner, Narendra Modi, will be occupied in campaigning in all the three states while they'll have to focus mainly in Delhi. And this will give them an edge over BJP because if the polls are shifted to early next year, then entire fleet of BJP's star campaigners led by poster boy Modi himself will make things bad for the two.

Hence, both these parties feel that opportune moment for a better performance in Delhi is right now as they will be able to woo voters in their favour.

But, to their surprise, the Election Commission is not in the mood to hold polls in Delhi any time before January, 2015. Hence, it will be interesting to see how the two parties will prepare for polls now.

BJP's passiveness is also questionable

Despite, emerging as the single largest party in last year's Delhi Assembly election results and making a clean sweep in the Lok Sabha polls, the BJP sat on the issue of government formation. After nearly six months, the party has finally decided to go for fresh polls in the state.

The BJP which has been silent on the issue of government formation in the state has finally come out in support of polls after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party chief Amit Shah expressed their displeasure over government formation in Delhi.
Buoyed by party's good show in recently concluded Maharashtra and Haryana assembly polls, BJP's two most influential persons i.e. the Modi-Shah duo has decided to seek fresh mandate. Hence, it will be interesting to see if the BJP's decision of seeking fresh polls turns out to be trump card or proves a dampener to the party's exceptional show.

People of Delhi are suffering

If Delhi goes for polls in February, then the people will have to vote second time in a period of 13 to chose a state government of their choice. But, it must not be forgotten that it is the people of Delhi who are facing the brunt of absence of a government. One just hopes that things will change for the people of Delhi this time.

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