When al qaeda almost took over a frigate

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The waters have been a cause for concern. Today's incident is just a reminder of how unsafe the waters and also how much terror groups thrive on water.

This is possibly the second failed attempt by Pakistan to infiltrate and carry out a strike on Indian waters. The first was by the Al-Qaeda in the sub-continent where in they tried to hijack a missile frigate and launch attacks from the sea. [Updates: "Treat all Pak vessels as jihadi threats", Coast Guard was told]


The attempt by the Al-Qaeda in the Sub Continent was however thwarted possibly due to pressure from both India and the US.

Naval officers were involved

The Al-Qaeda in the sub continent however decided to go ahead and claim responsibility for this although it was a failed attempt.

They revealed through their privately circulated magazine that they had attempted hijacking a frigate in a bid to launch attacks on US and Indian vessels. [Sajid Mir ordered shipping of 60,000 rounds ammunition into India by sea]

It was also claimed by them that they had ample support from former naval officers of the Pakistan navy. One of the former officers named by them was Owais Khan.

Brief success

The AQIS however attained brief success in their attempt to hijack the frigate. They did manage to take control over the frigate, but were overpowered.

Although it was the Pakistan establishment which neutralized the jihadis, questions were being raised over the role played by their former officers in this operation.

Major attack planned

The AQIS was attempting to announce itself in the sub continent. The plan was a sinister one and they sought to take control over the frigate and launch attacks on the sea.

The Al-qaeda in its statement had also said that they wanted to attack both Indian and US ships. Even the cronies of the two nations would not have been spared the outfit had also claimed.

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