Whatever he says, Kejriwal will be glad that Modi called him AK-49

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Arvind Kejriwal likes to poke others but is never ready to tolerate others taking a dig at him. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader, for reasons only known to him, is making a lot of jumping and shouting against politicians though without any evidence. He takes names and points fingers at almost every politician except those from his own party (unless of course they turn rebel).

Kejriwal can call others agent, but others can't call him one?

He has also started to target Narendra Modi nowadays, calling him agent of corporates and even mocking at his authority in Gujarat, calling his three consecutive victories in the assembly as farce. The former Delhi chief minister also made a bizarre allegation around Modi that "wives never force their husbands to become corrupt". One really doesn't know what's Kejriwal's analysis if someone says I am alone and there is nobody for whom I should earn but this is no less a personal dig at Modi by him. Yet, these don't matter for Kejriwal and when his opponent hits back at him with a pinch of sarcasm, he begins to take it as a personal humiliation. Mr Kejriwal, politics is interesting, but only for those who knows how to deal with it.

AAP's plan is paying off, it wanted Modi's attention

Hours after Modi mocked Kejriwal as AK-49 at a rally in Hiranagar in Jammu and Kashmir, Kejriwal and his loyal supporters began to make all kinds of counter-attacks. The AAP stalwarts said things like "Modi is afraid of Kejriwal in Varanasi" and "Modi doesn't want to speak on issues but makes personal attacks." The AAP was actually wanting this to happen so that it could go on stealing the headlines in this vital pre-poll period.

But Kejriwal, in the ultimate analysis, stands a poor student of politics.

First, the idea to challenge Modi in Varanasi, where the BJP is a powerful force, shows the man has done little homework for his first electoral venture. His imported supporters in a rally which saw a low turnout and the sham referendum which basically involved those party supporters attach a little sense to the entire drama.

Both leaders called each other "agent", but only one reacted

Second, Kejriwal speaks about debate on issues but has he laid any vision for Varanasi from where he is going to contest the election? He has made a mockery of electoral politics by trying to force an 'exciting fight' down the throat of the people of Varanasi. One might say that Modi too is an outsider in Varanasi but he is contesting from that seat because of political and cultural reasons. Kejriwal has just gone to Varanasi as a migratory bird to generate some excitement. It is not serious politics.

Third, Kejriwal made a surprising remark in Varanasi on Tuesday when he said that another poll would take place in a year for no stability will be there after this election. Being a citizen of a country which is facing economic problems, does he also want political instability now? Does an aspiring MP speak like that. And speaking about his words "I don't want to be MP but only defeat Modi", it's something which shows how much immature he is as a politician. The expression that Modi has been winning in Gujarat because Modi buys all opponent is also humiliating for a democracy and the people of Gujarat will know how it hurts.

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