Rahul Gandhi's story should be a lesson for all Indian parents

By: Mahesh Peri
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"A lot of mothers will do anything for their children, except let them be themselves."

- Banksy, Wall and Piece

The bane of India is the inheritance model that we have perfected over the years. Most things in India are inherited and not earned. The loving smile of Sonia Gandhi when RaGa (Rahul Gandhi) demanded an increase in Cylinders was a tell all moment. The mother smiled, and the sycophants cheered, in a truly orchestrated moment.

The RaGa interview on Times Now is an unmitigated disaster (Read what Rahul said in the interview). The nation definitely realised that he is the wrong man in the wrong place - interview and beyond.

"Mothers all want their sons to grow up to be president, but they don't want them to become politicians in the process", said John F. Kennedy.

RaGa quite simply isn't capable and may be unwilling too. His responses were way off the mark. The only thing that could go in his favor is the handicap - the performance of UPA 2, the scams, partnerships, and riots. It could not have been defended by even the smartest of people. But RaGa could not answer a single question with even half the conviction, that is needed from a prospective PM candidate of a nation with 1.2 billion people.

Rahul Gandhi is in a place that doesn't belong to him

I actually blame Sonia Gandhi for putting her son through this. She has exposed him to ridicule that is a lesson to all parents. He is neither capable nor has the aptitude. The Indian parents deem it their right to even inherit not just the property but to control and run it. Professionalism and trust in outsiders has been systematically eroded over the decades. This disease is in every field, and politics is no exception. I have seen inept chancellors of higher educational institutions, incapable CEO's of large corporations, mediocre actors, lawyers, doctors et al - all a product of the inheritance model.

I pity RaGa. He is in a place that doesn't belong to him. The ambition of a mother may have taken centre stage. He is powerful without pride, influential without self esteem, acts philosophical without understanding. He is in a state of Hubris. He is a product imposed by the 'inheritance' model, and will soon get used to acting and living the role. And the nation may still see him as the Prime Minister, some day.

While each of us introspect on the nations fate, let us think of our own children. Are we putting our children in a place that doesn't belong to them. Are we killing their pride and self esteem, and making them a victim of our ambition and greed. Are we letting our children be, what they are? Are we letting them live life, or sacrificing them at the altar of our creation?

If RaGa is a victim of Sonia's ambition, are we sure, our children aren't?

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