Video: "I am not a woman and I apologise", why Rajit Kapur, Chang said this?

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Mumbai, Aug 12: The conscience of these men are shattered and they seek forgiveness for a crime that they never committed-Rape. The sight of Rajit Kapur, Chang, Neil Bhoopalam, and Sorabh Pant itself is an indication that 'India unsafe for women' tag is not going along too well with the creme de la creme too.

Rise up men! the video cries out to all the 'real men who do not rape' and those who take the liberty to reinstate the politics of Gender in the society through rape.

These men may remind you what a woman is and what they can do, their power and how they choose not to react. But these very men tell you that enough is enough and that women should now do whatever it takes them to protect themselves. "This is your home, you have the right to live freely. But for you, living here sucks for us Indian men. I apologize, you deserve better," one of them say.

This video is not all about an open message, but is also an eye-opener to the position India has pushed itself up to. It is now considered the second most unsafe city in the world and statistics suggest that even the women in Saudi Arabia (where women are stoned to death for being raped, where they are not allowed to drive) feel safer than us!

Rajit Kapur eulogises the Indian Goddesses when he says,"....and if a man rapes you, he brings in the Indian Goddesses" and "this Goddess would chop it off," repeat others.

But is chopping 'it' off an option?

Probably not, especially in the Indian legal rule book, which tends to keep things vague. A report by DNA on January 24, 2013 said that the Justice JS Verma Committee had suggested that the women of India should be given the right to kill rapists as part of self defence.

However, this was rejected and was re-proposed that if a woman ends up killing a rapist or a would-be rapist, she can claim the right to self defence under Section 100 of the IPC.

The committee also suggested that punishment for voyeurism and stalking should not be less than one year and can extend to three years with fine.

The legal panel further stressed on the ill effects of chemical castration and said,"It would be unconstitutional and inconsistent with basic human rights treaties for the state to expose any citizen without their consent to potentially dangerous medical side effects. Chemical castration fails to treat the social foundations of rape which is about power and sexually deviant behaviour. We therefore hold that mandatory chemical castration as a punishment contradicts human rights standards."

Will India change?

Unlikely as the perspective of men regarding women will not change even in the next 100 years. The constitution can decide what is unceremonious and what is not, especially when it comes to punishing the rapists.

But, we forget that a rapist himself has committed something that is unceremonious and is now getting away with it with a simple 'punishment'.

But a Thank You for the creators of the video and the artists, you are bringing a change by steps.

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