Inspiring video: At 97, 1st to vote in free India nurtures hopes

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Shimla, March 26: India has lost its faith in democracy, thanks to the ever bragging politicians here; but its not gone entirely. Otherwise, why would the country take increasing interest in discussing the new parties and the new faces.

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Obviously, everyone wants a change, a breath of fresh air that also imbibes freshness in politics. One such example is the winning of AAP.

A freshness that lasted since 1951

If that is not enough to inspire you to vote, watch this video of a veteran voter from Himachal Pradesh who has been unfailing in playing a part (though a small one for many) to form a government since 1951.

He has braved the snow and the road blockades following that to reach the voting camp on time to cast his vote...every single year.

Are his efforts going in vain? Yes, in many cases, especially when we scan through the newspapers for nothing more than scams and corruption charges. But there is also mention of small efforts in states like Chhattisgarh and Gujarat that may one day show the light of a dawn which we have awaited after independence.

That day may be too late for Shri Shyam Negi (the veteran we see in the video), but it will come.

Let's vote

The Election Commission of India, in an official release, expects that there would be an unprecedented voter turnout of 70% or more, a 12% increase from 2009 polls.

With more than 12 crore people voting for the first time this year, the percentages can translate into a whopping 57.12 crore voters, approximately 15.41 crore more than the figure during the 2009 general elections, as per DNA.

The states that project poor polling percentage as compared to the national average of 58.73 per cent in the 2009 elections were Bihar (44.5 percent), Jammu &Kashmir(39.66), Gujarat (47.9), Rajasthan (48.5), Uttar Pradesh (47.5), Maharashtra (50.5), Jharkhand (50.5), Delhi (51.8), Uttarakhand (53.5) and Mizoram (52.8).

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