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US Prez poll 2016: Why Marco Rubio is losing the battle everybody wanting him to win


With Donald Trump looking unstoppable in the race for the presidential nomination, more eyebrows, including those in the Republican camp, are being raised now.

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With three wins on the trot (New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada), is Trump really looking certain as the Republican presidential nominee?

Marco Rubio

Lots of endorsements for Rubio now but that can misfire

Even the GOP seems to be apprehensive about the possibility and more and more voices are queuing up to back Marco Rubio, the senator from Florida who finised second in the South Carolina Primary and Nevada Caucuses. The scenario is quite contrasting since Trump himself is now expanding his reach among votes beleived to be supporting Rubio's bid.

In the past three days, as many as 20 high-profile Republican leaders have endorsed Rubio besides megadonors like Joe Craft and Koch brothers' political guru Marc Short. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley had also endorsed the 44-year-old leader of Cuban origin ahead of the February 20 primary there.

While Rubio's campaign is trying to show that only he can unite the GOP to beat Hillary Clinton, the more immediate challenge for the man is to defeat Donald Trump, who is leading the rest by quite a margin in the race to get support of 1,237 delegates to win the nomination.

The sudden flow of support in Rubio's favour looks more as a consequence of the urgent call to stop Trump but there is a bigt problem with Rubio himself and that is he hasn't been able to win a single of the first four state elections and doesn't look favourite to turn the table in the Super Tuesday contest of March 1. Ted Cruz, the only other campaigner who has a realistic chance in this contest, brought up this point both in South Carolina and Nevada stressing it was only he would succeeded in beating Trump so far (Iowa Caucuses).

GOP now suddenly finds Trump becoming a serious contender

But yet Rubio is finding a new friends in his own party. That is happening precisely because those who did not give Trump any serious thought in the beginning are suddenly feeling nervous after he won three in a row. But the fact that too many politicians are now supporting Rubio could actually go against him since the US electorate is in no mood to spare the political class this season. Rubio could end up as the victim of this detestation and Trump the ultimate beneficiary.

The support for Rubio might have also snowballed far too late for most of the Republican Party's committed activists have already decided the course to follow. Trump, hence, continues to dominate the polls.

Time is running out fast for Rubio, who is yet to win a poll

Chances of Rubio's campaign getting better might be seriously hit by the fact that time is running out fast. The help from lawmakers in terms of fundraising and knowledge of local politics seems might be less than expected for Rubio now with two huge primary days lying just weeks away.

Rubio will pray for the contest to get a bipolar one as fast as possible

A silver lining for for Rubio will be the elimination of the rest of the candidates who do not have any realistic chance now so that those votes come to him. Jeb Bush's withdrawal from the presidential race after South Carolina primary was a blessing for Rubio and his campaign now would hope for the contest to turn into a Trump vs Rubio one as early as possible.

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