Unlocking Delhi: Is AAP's inexperience already showing?

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The drama in Delhi is not ending anytime soon. But what is important to note is that the politics of ethics essentially becomes an unrealistic formula in a era of coalition government. If Prashant Bhushan of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) spoke in favour of issue-based compromise with the BJP, there is no reason to find anything wrong in that.

On the other hand, Arvind Kejriwal's advice to the Congress and BJP to form a government together in Delhi lacks maturity. If he is very conscious about his and his party's public image and decides against reaching an agreement with the BJP, how does he excpect the Congress and the BJP not to take care of their respective interests and that too six months ahead of the big elections?

The victory of the AAP is undoubtedly significant but at the same time, it should not feel complacent and rigid by the latest Delhi results. It was some close losses that denied the BJP a clear majority and the AAP leadership wouldn't have had the chance to issue statements attaching a high degree of self-importance.

Kejriwal is conscious about AAP and yet he expects BJP & Cong will join hands?

Kejriwal has made another paradoxical statement. He said not all people in the Congress and BJP are bad and yet he treats both the parties with disdain. It is understandable if the party maintains a distance with the Congress but what could be the basis of keeping the BJP at a bay as well. In Delhi, the BJP has hardly been a force and with just three seats differentiating their strength, the AAP would always have the opportunity to call the shots in governance if it had entered an alliance with the BJP.

Even in terms of popular support, the AAP will have an advantage over the BJP and that will work in its favour in the task of governence. What if a re-election fails to find a solution and Delhi continues under the central rule? The very purpose of the AAP gets defeated if it doesn't get to try a hand in governance. Whether it is number two or number three, it's irrelevant. Why isn't Kejriwal understanding that?

One feels Kejriwal and his team have already begun to feel the pressure of the high expectation that the people have from them. If the party continues to differentiate itself as an angel among the demons, there is very little chance of the party ever coming to power, hence changing the very idea of a political party. Coming to power alone by a majority vote is a difficult ask in today's set-up and if indeed Kejriwal is committed to serve the people of India for a better living, he can not get stuck with the problem of government formation. Politics is about compromise and maneuverability and not hard ideals.

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