Communal violence in Trilokpuri: Area was on the boil since Dusshera, what were authorities doing?

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Trilokpuri riots (PTI Photo)
Violence in New Delhi's Trilokpuri might have stopped but the area still remains tense. But as per the residents of the area, the clashes could have been averted if the concerned authorities and the Delhi Police would have been more alert.

As per a TOI report, "The three-day spiral of violence originated from a spot in Block No. 20 which came into sudden prominence before Dussehra when some locals organized a 'Mata ki chowki' (Bhagwati Jagran). The spot, where the entire paraphernalia came up, is right opposite and barely 50 steps away from a mosque which has been there for years."

Cots were placed and speakers were also installed at the spot which led to raising of a few eyebrows.

The report further says, "When even after Dussehra, there was no sign of the congregation being wound up, those who visited the mosque began to get anxious. Old fault lines, prejudices or genuine nuisance, whatever may be the reason, the Muslims began to complain that the bhajans, allegedly being played at a high volume, were disturbing their namaz and azan. They also alleged that there was much carousing and dancing. They said the jagran organisers had promised to go away after Dussehra but stayed put. The Hindu residents say no assurance had been given and there was no such deal."

Tension further built up and led to a brawl but it was sorted with the help of elders living in the area. From the very day the locals could smell the possibility of a bigger problem in future. But none, neither the government nor the police took charge of the situation which took shape of a big violence on the Diwali night.

Milk sells for Rs 100 per litre, egg for Rs 10 per piece in riot-hit Trilokpuri

Rioting on the streets has stopped in Trilokpuri but other problems have risen.

Prices of basic commodities skyrocketted in the area as eggs are being sold at Rs. 10 per piece and milk for Rs 100 which is worth Rs 48 in Delhi as per an HT report.

The prohibitory orders following clashes between two communities have led to black market trade in the area which is resulting in almost double prices for basic commodities.

Why Delhi Police was inactive despite riot alert from MHA

The Home Ministry had already warned October 20 about possibility of such tensions during the festive season.

"Since the Diwali/Kali Puja will be celebrated on Oct 23 and would attract huge crowd, issues like bursting of fire crackers, use of loudspeakers, raising of provocative slogans by members of one community, forcible collection of donations, installation of idols at disputed places, acts of misbehaviour and eveteasing could lead to communal tension," the advisory stated.

But despite these alerts, no action was taken, no preparations were done to tackle such upcoming situations. Why?

"Just as expected, a trivial issue which could have been resolved locally got escalated and the situation went out of hand. A little pro-activeness on the part of the local police would have averted this situation. It seems the warning was taken lightly," an MHA official was quoted as saying to an online portal.

"We have asked for a report and if any laxity is found, action will be taken against police officials," the official added.

Trilokpuri riots pre-planned, says AAP, wants BJP ex-MLA's role probed

Eying the upcoming assembly polls in New Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party attacked BJP. The party has alleged that recent clashes in Trilokpuri area was an "unpardonable" act committed in a "pre-planned" manner to polarise the society on the religious lines.

The party also demanded a probe into the "role" of former BJP MLA Sunil Kumar Vaidya in this connection.

"Communal violence in Trilokpuri area of East Delhi is an unpardonable act which has been committed in a pre-planned manner to polarise the society on religious lines," said an official statement released by the party.

The party said that it had sought a report from its MLAs - Raju Dhingan and Manoj Kumar, representing Trilokpuri and Kondli assembly constituencies about the reasons behind the communal flare-up.

"Both of them have been spending their nights in the affected area to prevent any further disturbance. The first-hand account narrated by them has brought out very disturbing developments, which make it clear that there is a political design behind this communal tension in Trilokpuri and its adjoining areas.

"The AAP demands that Delhi Police should probe the role of former BJP MLA Sunil Kumar Vaidya in the entire incident, since there are credible reports that he had convened a meeting on Diwali night and trouble started only after that," the statement said.

An attempt to polarise voters?

It is to be noted that there will be by-polls in three Delhi constituencies in the month of December. Hence, there is a possibility that the political parties will try to polarise the voters. The blame game has already begun with the Aam Aadmi Party putting the onus of the riots on the Bhartiya Janata Party.

But rather than politicising such issues and adding more fuel to existing tensed situation, parties should come together to fight such difficult situations through which the people are going.

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