TN Assembly elections 2011 vs 2016: Amma needs to be more careful next time

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Amma may have won the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections by a clear margin, but a comparison between the current results and last year's results show a grim picture. Clearly, AIADMK's popularity has taken a hit since last year.

Be it her health or the involvement in the disproportionate assets case, she clearly has lost a huge chunk of followers to DMK and other parties. The Chennai floods added oil to the fire. With inefficient state infrastructure that saw Jayalalithaa at a weak spot, seeking the help of the Centre, shattered many faiths.


And that reflects in the doubt!

Just a 2-party contest, nothing more

In 2011, AIADMK won 150 seats while DMK had won 23. Owing to its leadership in superstar Vijaykanth, DMDK won much fanfare because of its out-of-the-box thinking of linking all rivers in the state to attain self-sufficiency in water.

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All said and nothing done, DMDK this year had nothing in their hands this year.

1991 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections

Clearly, the people kept it simple this year. AIADMK had to win and the rest of the votes went to DMK. But consider the margin.

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The AIADMK won 133 seats and DMK won 97 this year visa vie 155 and 28 in 2011. Amma's gold freebie may have worked this time, triggering a huge surge in women voters, outnumbering the men voters. But she needs to keep thinking of such freebies , lest a day comes when she is seen teary eyed.

1996 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections
2011 Assembly elections

Beware Amma!

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