Time for Saudi to reign in the Wahabis and stop funding terror

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A country that has been accused of being the primary funder of terror was hit in a coordinated campaign of attacks on Monday. Many were quick to jump the gun and blame the ISIS for these attacks.

However what one must also understand is that there is a lot of dissidence growing against Saudi Arabia and there is every possibility that these attacks were a back lash.


The explosions on Monday targeted worshippers, a security headquarters at a Mosque and US Diplomats. Whoever may be behind this attack, there is a lesson that Saudi Arabia needs to learn and that is to stop promoting the Wahabi ideology and cut off financing groups such as the ISIS.

A wake up call for the Saudis:

Many have complained about the funding by the Saudis. Be it the al-Qaeda or the ISIS, accusations of Saudi money being pumped in have always been there.

Experts would say that till date the funding has not stopped. Saudi Arabia also is extremely keen on establishing a Sunni rule and this is one of the major reasons why it started funding the ISIS.

In addition to this, the Wahabi preachers from Saudi pay visits to many parts of the world. It is this ideology that has been followed by groups such as the ISIS or the al-Qaeda. In fact many would say that it is the ideology that these persons spread which is more dangerous than the funding.

Former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing, V Balachandran tells OneIndia that Saudi, Qatar and Turkey are the ones who funded the ISIS in the first place. They wanted to have a Sunni rule. However if you were to ask me about the Monday blasts, then I would say that it could be the handiwork of the dissidents.

Many are unhappy with the interference by the Saudis. The Saudis have been interfering in Bahrain. Moreover their human rights record is bad and the migrants are very upset. There are many including Syria which is unhappy with the Saudis.

Let us not forget that around 2 decades back, Syria had a very efficient intelligence network. They are quite capable of playing mischief, Balachandran also says. There are some who say that the ISIS too is upset with the Saudis. This is a feud relating to the Caliphate.

Bhagdadi wants the world to accept him as the Caliph, but the Saudis want its monarch to be the head. This is the extent of the feud for now. However the question is will the ISIS hit at a nation which feeds it?

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