Sushma's 'Swaraj' on social media; Her ailment tops Twitter search results

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External Affairs minister- Sushma Swaraj, also the mistress of many hearts, is fighting a battle with kidney ailments.

As well wishes pour in on Twitter, it gets us thinking what made her so popular on social media. Most of us know the answer, but there is no harm in recalling her contribution as a minister and as a human being.

Sushma Swaraj

A Twitter handle as big as 'Sushma Swaraj undergoing treatment for kidney ailment at AIIMS' plops the moment you type Sushma in the address bar, surpassing the search results even when Nelson Mandela was ailing.

The tech saavy minister, aware of her duties and alert for her citizens. You have a problem, she has a simple as that; even if that relates to a broken refrigerator.

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The wit and the humor is nothing close to being bureaucratic or diplomatic. In fact, they exude a mundane flavour that smells of the soil. Grounded in her responses and practical in her approach to any problem, she has the quickest reaction time. Impressive as it is, she keeps one updated about the process.

Her recent post on her health status is a case in point.

She keeps the public posted about her whereabouts so that they know where and when to reach her.

Here are a few more examples:

Needless to say, she has not restricted her duties to the people of India, but has also extended a helping hand to her staff in foreign lands. A post on Nov 5 justifies the same.

Consider this one:

When we talk of humor in her posts, we mean this:

This not only lightens the moment, her matter-of-fact way of approaching a problem provides a much-needed re-assurance. From Visa problems to offering condolences to death, Sushma Swaraj knows how to connect to the people of India. This post will justify what we mean:

Having said enough of her generosity, there is no dearth to the sensitivity she lends to each and every situation.

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